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Little White Lies

François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard, Benoît Magimel, Gilles Lellouche, Jean Dujardin, Laurent Lafitte, Valérie Bonneton , Pascale Arbillot, Anne Marivin, Louise Monot
cocaine | crack cocaine | Lexomil | bromazepam
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Ludo tells a partier: “My blow.” (0:00)

Ludo's friend tells parier Christelle, "He's a total head case." (0:01)

Ludo tells a partier: “For a smoke.” (0:02)

Osteopath Vincent tells his friends, “I’m going for a smoke.” (0:06)

Restaurateur Max tells the others, referring to Ludo, “Seeing him like that drives me crazy.” (0:11)

Max asks Vincent, “Are you nuts or what?” (0:19)

Marie tells Eric on the telephone, “You’re a maniac.”
Eric, referring to his dinner companion: ”A complete psycho...” (0:21)

Marie holds an unlit joint in her mouth. (0:23)

Diner: ”Are you nuts?” (0:29)

Brigitte tells Vincent's wife Isabelle, referring to Max, “He’s in a bad mood.” (0:33)

Max's wife Véronique tells Antoine and Eric, referring to non-organic food, “Or boost pharmaceutical companies' profits." (0:34)

Vincent oysterman Jean-Louis, referring to Ludo, “He was wired when he had the crash.”
“I don't snort that... with him.”
Eric: “I’ll get some crack for the kids.” (0:37)

Véronique tells Max, “And take a Lexomil on the way.” (0:42)

Marie and Eric share a joint. (0:44)

Marie smokes a joint. (0:53, 1:12, 2:13)

Max in homosexual panic? (1:10)

Jean-Louis tells Marie that Ludo opened his eyes “A bit, but he’s totally drugged up.” (1:23)

Max tells the others, “I feel dumb, and that drives me mad.” (1:26)

Véronique tells Marie, referring to the men, “They’re nuts.” (1:36)

Jean-Louis shouts into his cell phone “It’s crazy!”
He tells Max, “You’re nuts.” (1:42)

Eric tells the others, “We had a totally crazy night.” (1:56)

Vincent tells his son Elliot, "Faggot is a very bad word. It means a homosexual and a homosexual is a man who loves another man. There's nothing wrong with that. You just have to respect it because it still love." (2:09)

Jean-Louis tells the others Ludo has died. (2:18)

Funeral for Ludo. (2:20)