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The Lives of Others

Ulrich Mühe, Martina Gedeck, Sebastian Koch, Ulrich Tukur, Thomas Thieme, Hans-Uwe Bauer, Volkmar Kleinert, Matthias Brenner, Charly Hübner
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Stasi interrogator Capt. Gerd Wiesler tells his class, referring to a suspect, “He will shout and rage.” (0:03)

Christa-Maria’s character Marta appears to faint. She asks, “Why am I not spared these visions? Elena, go home and mourn.” (0:08)

Stasi Lt. Anton Grubitz tells Wiesler, “All that teaching is ruining your instincts.” (0:09)

Christa-Maria’s playwright lover Georg: “Those idiots.” (0:43)

By telephone his friend Karl tells Georg, referring to his director friend Albert, “He hanged himself last night.” (0:52)

Burial of Albert in a cemetery. Georg’s voice reading an article he has written: “The statistics office... counts everything... but there is one thing they don’t count, maybe because even bureaucrats find it painful, and that’s suicides... In 1977, our country stopped counting suicides. They called them ‘self-murderers’.” (1:07)

Georg, referring to the Stasi spys: “Who’d have thought they were such idiots? (1:15)

Newspaper editor Gregor Hessenstein tells Georg and Georg’s friend Paul: “Sure, in 1967 there were many suicides.” (1:16)

Grubitz tells Wiesler, referring to Georg, “Your guy Dreyman is a ‘Type 4,’ a “hysterical anthropocentrist.” (1:22)

Television reporter: “Spiegel magazine today published a text by an unnamed East German author about suicide in the German Democratic Republic. This follows a series of suicides by prominent East Berlin artists, the latest being Albert Jerska. Jerska committed suicide on January 5th. In 1977 the GDR ceased reporting any data relating to suicides. That year, Hungary was the only country in Europe with a higher suicide rate.” (1:28)

Cover of Der Spiegel: “GDR: The Secret Suicide Statistics.” (1:31)

Minister Bruno Hempf tells Grubitz, referring to Christa-Maria, “This is where she gets her illegal medication.” (1:34)

Christa-Maria exchanges cash for a box of drugs. (1:34)

Grubitz asks Christa-Maria, “You don’t know anything about an article from this week’s Spiegel, do you? An article about suicide.” (1:37)

Grubitz puts a box marked “Aponeuron” in Christa-Maria’s pocket.” (1:48)

Christa-Maria steps in front of a truck. Georg grieves her death. (1:54)

Georg’s play: “Elena, go home and mourn.” Georg leaves the audience. In the lobby Hempf tells him, “Too many memories, huh.”(1:59)

Georg reads a report: “Christa-Maria Sieland was arrested on March 10th... for drug abuse...” (2:06)