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Long Day's Journey into Night

Katharine Hepburn, Ralph Richardson, Jason Robards, Dean Stockwell, Jeanne Barr
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Mary tells her son Edmund, "I naturally feel tired and nervous this morning..." (0:25)

Mary tells her husband James, "You'll be drunk tonight." (0:42)

James tells his son Jamie to go with Edmund "if you can without making it an excuse to get drunk." (0:54)

James tells Mary, referring to their car, "I had it here waiting for you when you came back from the sanitorium." (0:56)

James tells Mary, "Leave it to you to have... prescription for more... throw yourself off the dock." (0:59)

James asks Mary, "Can't you let our dead baby rest in peace?" (1:02)

Mary tells Edmund Jamie "will get drunk someplace..." (1:09)

Maid Kathleen tells Mary, referring to snoring, "It's a sign of sanity, they say." (1:13)

Mary passes out or just falls to the floor. She struggles to get up. Edmund and James can tell she is intoxicated. (1:23)

Mary tells James, referring to Jamie, "You brought him up to be a boozer."
James: "So I'm to blame because... made a drunken loafer of himself." (1:27)

Mary asks Edmund what he does not want people to know: "that... I have to take medicine to kill the pain?"

She tells him the doctor "said it was a wonder I hadn't gone mad... throw myself off the dock."
Edmund: "It's hard to take at times, having a dope fiend for a mother."
Mary tells herself she hopes "some time without meaning to I'll take an overdose." (1:34)

Mary tells James, referring to Edmund, "He wouldn't have had to know his mother was a dope fiend."
James: "You will be like a mad ghost before the night's over."
Mary: "You say such mean, bitter things when you've had too much to drink." (1:42)

James tells Edmund, "You could see well enough if you were sober."
Edmund: "If I was sober..."
James: "From the mad things you've done..."
Edmund: "I'm a bit soused I guess."
"Don't look at me as if I'd gone nutty."
Edmund asks, "Oh what's wrong with being drunk?" then recites Baudelaire: "Be always drunken... be drunken continually. Drunken with what?... but be drunken... and the drunkenness be... slipped away from you... It is the hour to be drunken, be drunken continually."

James calls the authors Edmund reads "madmen."
Edmund says, referring to Shakespeare: "They say he was a souse too."
James: "Rossetti. He was a dope fiend."
Edmund blames James for his stinginess, without which, referring to Mary: "She'd've never known morphine existed."
Edmund finishes James' sentence about the doctor's reputation "Among the souses in the hotel bar..."
"After you found out she'd been made morphine addict...?"
James: "What did I know about morphine?"
"I only say that because you put me in such a... rage..."
James refers to Jamie as "That drunken loafer..."
Edmund: "... you'll go nuts."
James: "You're drunk."
James, referring to money: "I don't feel that way about it when I'm sober..."
Edmund: "Yes, particularly the time I tried to commit suicide... and almost did."
James, referring to his father's death: "rat poison... wasn't by mistake..." (1:45)

Edmund: "I only stammerred..."
"Stammering's the native eloquence of us fog people."
James, referring to Jamie, "He's a tongue like an adder when he's drunk."
Jamie: "I'm as drunk as a fiddler's..."
Jamie asks Edmond, "Have I got the DTs?"
"Just drunken bull. Alright, go ahead and kill yourself."
Edmund: "... and I'm going on the wagon..."
"You're a nut."
Jamie says madame Mamie told him about one of her prostitutes: "Lately Vi has been going on drunks."
"What's the use... to get the blues over what can't be helped."
Edmund: "No matter how drunk you are that's no excuse."
Jamie: "I caught her in the act with a hypo... I never believed before anyone but whores took dope."
"I may not be drunk enough to tell you the truth... Now no drunken bull..."
"Made getting drunk romantic... The way your being born started Mama on dope."
"I hate myself." (2:16)

James refers to Jamie as "a drunken hulk." (2:39)