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Look it in the Eye

Cast Ginger Spiess, Tani Hemmila, David Hemmila, Alivia Ketchaya
Year released2010
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Ginger: "If tough had anything to do with it, my mom wouldn't have a mental illness."
Tani: "I had my own stigma about mental illness." (0:00)

Dave: "We didn't discuss... mental illness." (0:01)

Ginger: "We had a mom with lots of moods... Mom had a lot of... depression... Something triggered mental illness... depression..." (0:05)

Tani: "Two weeks after he'd been born I was... crying uncontrollably."
"I had no feelings at all." (0:09)

Ginger: "I don't think she was at her most depressed... irritable... frustrated..." (0:14)

Funeral service for Ginger's mom. (0:15)

Tani, referring to a book she read: "That opened me up to the idea that perhaps this is depression."
She tells David, "It's about depression."
"That's... depression. It tells you you're undeserving... should be ashamed..." (0:17)

Ginger: "I try to be really open with the kids about mental illness." (0:19)

Tani: "Now I was going to... a psychologist... my own stigma about mental illness."
"She has such knowledge about postpartum depression."
Psychologist: "Let's talk about what we can do for treatment."
"I only went to see that psychologist once."
David: "We didn't do any treatment... medication."
"Even though you're faced with the reality of a mental illness..."
Tani: "I got hit with depression again and didn't do anything to treat it... It's been frequent periods of depression and occasionally hypomania, which is a milder form of mania. That's called Bipolar II Disorder... better treatment for my depression... escalated into Bipolar Disorder." (0:20)

Ginger: "Mental illness is a part of my life... (0:22)

Tani, taking medication: "I take my medicines... see a therapist..."
"I might myself say... I've dealt with depression." (0:23)

Ginger's daughter Alivia: "If you have a mental illness it's not the end of the world." (0:25)

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