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Lord of War

CastNicolas Cage, Ethan Hawke, Jared Leto, Bridget Moynahan, Shake Tukhmanyan, Jean-Pierre Nshanian, Jasper Lenz, Stephen Gregor, Kobus Marx, Stephan De Abreu, Ian Holm
Year released2005
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Yuri, referring to his father: “He was more Jewish than most Jews, which drove my Catholic mother crazy.” (0:06)

Yuri: “I did have a natural instinct for smuggling contraband.” (0:08)

Yuri: “I got my first break in Lebanon after the suicide bombing...” (0:14)

Yuri’s customer tells Yuri, “Six kilos of pure cocaine.”
Yuri: “I don’t sell drugs.” (0:23)

Yuri’s brother Vitaly prepares cocaine on a mirror table top. He snorts. (0:26)

Vitaly snorts cocaine Yuri poured from a vial.
Yuri: “I never understood what separated the recreational drug user from the habitual, but for the grace of God it could have been me snorting lines as long as the Bell Parkway, however I wasn’t entirely free of the grip of addiction myself.” (0:27)

Yuri, referring to Vitaly: “He was out of rehab and out of his mind.” (0:34)

Vitaly snorts cocaine Yuri poured from a vial. Yuri: “You’re high.” (0:37)

Yuri, referring to Uncle Dmitri: “He was a highly decorated hero... and he was almost permanently shit-faced.” (0:38)

Yuri tells arms dealer Simeon, “... I think you should go with your instincts, with your first instinct.” (0:43)

Yuri: “After that comes Vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists.” (0:45)

Yuri, referring to Pres. André: “His seven year civil war has been described as a relentless campaign of sadistic, wanton violence.” (0:5

Yuri, referring to André, Jr.: “He was also a cannibal.” (0:55)

André, Jr. asks Yuri, “Can you bring me the gun of Rambo?” (0:55)

The pilot asks Yuri, “Are you... mad?”
Fighter pilot: “Is this guy nuts?” (1:10)

Bartender: “He ordered you brown-brown, Mr. Yuri.”
”It’s a mixture of cocaine and gunpowder.”
Yuri snorts the line.
Yuri: “Even before that night I’d started doing a lot of cocaine in West Africa. I’d never tried brown-brown before...” (1:21)

Yuri hallucinates Simeon. (1:23)

Yuri, referring to Interpol Agent Jack: “No wonder Valentine was confused.” (1:29)

André, Jr. tells Yuri: “You still haven’t brought me the gun of Rambo.” (1:32)

Yuri tells Vitaly, “Mom and Dad say you’re clean.” (1:37)

André, Jr. tells Yuri: “Gun of Rambo.” (1:40)

Vitaly tells , André, Jr., “I’m confused.” (1:43)

Yuri watches Vitaly die. (1:45)

Jack asks Yuri, “Are you paying attention, or are you delusional?”
”You are delusional.”
Yuri: ”I do rub shoulders with some of the most vile, sadistic men calling themselves leaders today...” (1:50)

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