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Lost in America

Albert Brooks, Julie Hagerty, Sylvia Farrel, Tina Kincaid
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Rex Reed on The Larry King Show: "I don't respond very well to mass hysteria anyway."

Caller: "Like I saw The Black Stallion twice."
Reed: "I remember a movie called The Fountainhead..." (0:02)

Retail worker Linda tells her advertising executive husband David, "You're just nervous about tomorrow."
"You're insane."
David: "I'm insane and responsible." (0:03)

David tells the receptionist, "I'm very nervous." (0:09)

David tells Linda, "I'm hyper. I'm on this high." (0:23)

David: "Linda, this is just like Easy Rider..." (0:26)

David tells Linda, "We're both nervous. I'm drunk. You might be nervous." (0:27)

David tells Linda, "I'm nervous, but I can't wait to marry you." (0:30)

David tells a security guard, "I saw Electric Horseman." (0:38) 

Linda runs through the entire "nest egg" in one night of Pathological Gambling (0:39).

David asks Linda, "Why didn't you tell me when we got married that you were this horrendous gambling diseased person?" (0:42)

David tells the casino manager, "My wife and I... going to... find ourselves, just like they did in Easy Rider."
"Easy Rider, the film?"
"What about Miracle on 34th Street?" (0:44)

David tells Linda, "Don't treat me like I'm an insane patient, please."
Linda: "Sometimes I felt like I was going crazy."
David: "I'm sure the Desert Inn has an all night shrink service... Don't you think someone could have counseled us?"
Linda: "In Easy Rider they had nothing."
David: "They had all this cocaine."
"Linda, they sold cocaine." (0:53)

Linda asks the motorcycle cop, "Did you see Easy Rider?"
"You know, the movie Easy Rider?"
David: "Did you see The Terminator?" (1:05)

David asks an employment agent, "Did you see Easy Rider?"
"I saw Easy Money." (1:16)

Kid on bicycle: "Cross us, retardo."
David: "Don't call me retardo."
Kid: "Come on, retardo... We're already late, retarded. Come on retardo."
"Come on retardo." (1:18)