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Love Is All You Need

Trine Dyrholm, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Bodnia, Paprika Steen, Sebastian Jessen, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Bodil Jørgensen
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Astrid tells her fiance Patrick, “This is insanely romantic.” (0:05)

Hairdresser Ida tells her husband Leif, referring to Thilde, “She must be out of her mind to fall for a guy like you.” (0:12)

Produce company executive Philip asks Ida, “Are you drunk?”
Ida: “No, I’m not drunk.” (0:18)

Astrid tells Patrick, “I’m glad you’re not stressed out.” (0:34)

Astrid asks Ida, “Have you gone mad?”
”What an idiot.”
Ida: “He is a moron.” (0:38)

Philip asks Ida, “Are you crazy?”
”That’s crazy, I mean really, really crazy.” (0:41)

Patrick’s aunt Benedikte, referring to Philip and Alexandra, “He was there when my little daughter struggled with obesity... He was there when she cut herself and did even worse things.”
Referring to her ex-husband: “My ex-idiot I call him.” (0:47)

Astrid tells Patrick, “Can’t escape the loonies.” (0:51)

Philip tells Ida, referring to his deceased wife, “Then she went to Denmark, and I stalked her.” He tells Ida about his wife’s death. (0:56)

Patrick addresses the wedding party: “I’m nervous.” (1:06)

Philip asks Benedikte, referring to Alexandra, “Is she drunk” (1:09)

Ida tells Philip, “I’m sorry we’re such a crazy family.” (1:14)

Astrid tells Patrick, “They think we’re all psychos now.” (1:20)

Ida tells Astrid, referring to Patrik, “Maybe he’s just nervous and stressed out.”
Astrid: “He goes mad with jealousy if someone even looks at me...” (1:25)

Patrick tells Phillip, “You’re such an idiot, Dad, such an idiot.” (1:29)

The doctor tells Ida, “Let’s hold our horses as long as we’re dealing with psychological symptoms.”
Ida: “What’s psychological about a lump?”
Doctor: “People have the oddest symptoms.” (1:39)

Philip tells Ida, “I know you think I’m an idiot...” (1:43)