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Love and Death

Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Georges Adet, Frank Adu, Edward Ardisson, Harold Gould
Woody Allen
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Narrator Boris, referring to his father Dmitri: “He was an idiot, but I loved him.” (0:03)

Burial of Old Nehamkin. Coffins in a field. (0:04)

His cousin Sonja asks Boris, “Why not just commit suicide?”
Boris: “Well, let’s not get hysterical... I’d hate to blow my brains out...”
Sonja “I tell you I feel as though my life would be wasted if didn’t love deeply with a man whose mind I respected... and who had the same lustful appetite for sensual passion that drives me insane.” (0:07)

Boris tells Sonja, “This is crazy.” (0:12)

Sonja tells the violinist, “I’d think what a mad fool he is.”
“I’d think what a mad impetuous fool he is.”
“I’d think what a mad impetuous wonderful fool he is.” (0:17)

Skit doctor tells soldier, referring to his social disease, “If you do not treat it, you will go blind or insane.” (0:20)

Boris asks his aunt, referring to Sonja, “She takes uppers?”
Uncle: ”All in a jealous rage over the Countess.” (0:21)

Boris asks the Countess, referring to Anton, “He is in a bad mood, isn’t he?” (0:24)

Boris tells Sonja, referring to his brother Ivan, “He was delirious.” (0:26)

Soldier: “The idea is not to panic and run.” (0:26)

Soldier referring to dead soldier Visinksy: “He was the village idiot.” (0:28)

Boris tells soldier Vladimir, “This is insane.” (0:31)

A man tells Sonja, “I realize this must be a great blow to you Sonja, but you must not allow yourself to be consumed with grief.” (0:32)

Boris: “I panicked and hid where I could, then I fainted.” (0:33)

Grave marker. Boris: “My brother Ivan... had been bayoneted to death...” (0:34)

The Countess asks Boris, “Would you like some wine, something to put you in the mood?” (0:37)

Boris: “Then one day at the height of my sense of well-being, I suddenly and for no apparent reason was seized with an urge to commit suicide.” (0:49)

Sonja tells Father, “Everyone says you’re senile with age... I don’t think you’re senile.”
”Father, Boris is trying to commit suicide. Last week he contemplated killing himself by inhaling next to an Armenian.” (0:50)

Boris hangs himself. (0:51)

Boris: “We found a new friend, Berdykov, the village idiot.” (0:52)

Boris: “Sonya, you been drinking from the glass we use for the village idiot?” (0:53)

Boris: “There was a village idiots’ convention in Minsk... Village idiots from all over Russia were meeting there.” (0:55)

Boris knocks out Don Francisco and Sonja with a bottle of wine. (0:59)

Sidney Appelbaum: “They call me mad...” (1:01)

Sonja asks Boris, “Do you know the only truly happy person I know is Berdykov, the village idiot?” (1:07)

Sonja knocks Napoleon out with a champagne bottle. (1:10)

Boris: “All those Greeks were homosexuals... That means all men are homosexuals... I’m not a homosexual... I knew there was something crazy about that when I was a kid...” (1:12)

Boris tells Dmitri, “He was an idiot.”
“You’re a major loon.” (1:14)

Boris “He that fools around with barnyard animals has got to be watched.” (1:17)