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Love and Other Drugs

Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Oliver Platt, Hank Azaria, Josh Gad, Gabriel Macht, Judy Greer, George Segal, Jill Clayburgh
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Salesman Jamie tells prospective customers, "You guys look like you smoke weed, right? Okay, you're gonna smoke a bowl... you're kind of high... You're stoned..." (0:01)

Jamie tells his family, referring to his brother, "Josh has been talking to me about pharmaceutical sales."
Jamie's physician sister Helen: "The patients... demand their name-brand drugs from the doctors..." (0:05)

Josh smokes a joint. (0:07)

A Pfizer speaker tells her audience about "Zoloft, a drug approved solely for the treatment of depression. Off label uses: alcoholism, PMS, bulimia, smoking, social anxiety."
Jamie: "Zoloft has been associated with suicidal ideation in teenagers."
"Zoloft..." (0:08)

Jamie tells pharmaceutical representative Bruce, "She'll develop this unconscious need..."
Bruce: "Lots of... students on Prozac who should be on Zoloft."
Bruce, referring to pharmaceutical representative Trey, "Lilly's Prozac rep... He's the reason we never make our quota on Zoloft."(0:12)

Jamie stacks boxes of Zoloft samples next to boxes of Prozac samples in Dr. Knight's office." (0:15)

Jamie discards the Prozac samples in a dumpster, but a dissheveled homeless man quickly retrieves them. (0:16)

Bruce: "You're 25% below your quota for Zoloft."
"He's got... dogs taking Prozac... writing Zoloft." (0:17)

Dr. Stan Knight tells Jamie "a 26-year-old needs Parkinson's medication."
Artist Maggie tells Stan and Jamie, "... they took my Parkinson's meds."
"Sinemet CR... Artane for the tremor, Prozac..."
Jamie: "Zoloft has fewer side effects."
Stan: "Early-onset Parkinson's..." (0:19)

Josh tells Jamie, "I'm having a panic attack. Do you have any Ativan?"
Jamie: "Xanax."
Josh: "Xanax. Do you have any samples of Xanax?" (0:24)

Maggie smokes a joint. (0:25)

Jamie asks Maggie, "Is that a resting tremor?"
"Happens when you're nervous." (0:27)

Jamie tells Maggie he was the "prodigal son with ADD." (0:32)

Trey tells Jamie, "It'll take about a minute... for the natural morphine to dissipate... Prozac has helped..." (0:34)

The dumpster diving homeless man, looking much less dissheveled, asks Jamie, "Are those more samples?" After taking more boxes of Prozac he tells Jamie, "I got a job interview today." Self-medication? (0:35

Bruce tells Jamie, "Very depressed people... Zoloft."
Josh tells his wife over the telephone, "Counseling. Here's... counseling." (0:46)

Jamie tells Trey and Stan, "New study on Zoloft, 25% fewer side effects than Prozac."
"You don't die from Parkinson's"
"Interferon. L-dopa."
"Maybe he needs to change to a drug that's proven more effective in controlling aggressive behavior. Zoloft produced 13% fewer outbursts... "(0:48)

Jamie tells Josh, "It's time for you to overdose." (0:51)

Jamie tells massed doctor's office staff about "men with performance anxiety." (0:56)

Tom Brokaw on televsion talks about the "first ever pill to treat impotence."
Jamie tells Maggie, "... shrinks are writing it." (0:56)

Jamie tells his mother over the phone, "No Ma, it's not an aphrodisiac." (1:00)

Jamie walks in on Stan as he is injecting himself in the buttock with "Testosterone, man."
"HMOs are killing me."
Jamie: "You could start prescribing Zoloft instead of Prozac." (1:10)

Maggie tells Josh he might meet an "HMO administrator" and "discuss the evils of generics." (1:13)

A speaker talks about her disease: "Parkinson's has made me more sensitive..." (1:16)

A man tells Jamie about the progression of his wife's Parkinson's disease and her "frozen face, dementia." (1:18)

Jamie reads on the Internet about "ropinirole." (1:20)

Jamie tells the emergency room clerk, "I'm having a drug reaction."
Clerk: "What kind of drug reaction?" (1:34)