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Love & Friendship

Kate Beckinsale, Chloë Sevigny, Xavier Samuel, Emma Greenwell, Tom Bennett, Stephen Fry, Morfydd Clark, James Fleet, Jemma Redgrave, Justin Edwards, Jenn Murray
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Lady Susan Vernon tells Alicia that Lucy Manwaring is “Deranged.” (0:05)

Lady Susan tells Alicia and Reginald, “Since the great sadness of my husband’s passing I've lived in nearly perfect isolation.” (0:13)

Lady Susan tells her American friend Alicia, “It all started with Frederica, in a grip of a madness of some kind, entreating Reginald to intercede on her behalf...”
”... and I must make myself serious amends...” (0:49)

Alicia tells her husband Mr. Johnson, referring to Lady Susan, “She’s gone mad.” (1:03)

Lady Susan tells Alicia, referring to Reginald, “He’ll be a little enraged at first...” (1:04)

Lady Susan tells Reginald, referring to Lucy Manwaring, “I was her friend when she was sane... Manwaring left Langford to escape her deranged suspicions.” (1:05)