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Love in the Afternoon

CastAudrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Maurice Chavalier, Van Doude, John McGiver, Lise Bourdin, Olga Valéry
Year released1957
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His client, Monsieur X, tells private detective Claude Chavasse, "I'm a very nervous man."
”It's this terrible uncertainty that's driving me mad.”
Claude: ”You must not shoot yourself.” (0:10)

His cello student daughter Ariane tells Claude, "Your client seemed so nervous." (0:16)

Monsieur X: "This is all very confusing."
Monsieur X tells business magnate Frank Flannagan, ”I'm terribly nervous.” (0:30)

A hotel guest tells her dog Loulou, "First thing tomorrow morning you're going to the analyst." (0:32)

Frank tells Ariane, "A madman running around the Ritz with a loaded gun." (0:33)

Her flute student friend Michel tells Ariane, "Please stop humming that idiotic tune." (0:39)

Note in Claude's file on Flannagan: "Attempted suicide." (0:44)

Frank tells Ariane, "I've had such a crazy year, always on the go."
Ariane: ”I've had a pretty crazy year myself.” (1:12)

Ariane tells Frank, referring to a duke, "Everything was fine until he threatened to throw himself off of the Matterhorn."
Referring to a mountain guide named Sebastian, ”He fell madly in love with me. He wanted to kill himself when he heard we were leaving.” (1:18)

Claude tells Ariane, referring to his client, "... it's driving him crazy, out of his mind." (1:24)

Ariane dictates: "Item 19: a Dutch alcoholic." (1:36, 1:39)

Monsieur X tells Frank, "You see, Monsieur, it's the terrible uncertainty that drives you mad... I was mad..." (1:46)

Frank tells Claude, referring to Ariane, "She's driving me crazy."
Claude: ”Driving you crazy?”
Frank: ”Don't worry about the money.”
Claude: ”I'm not worried, Monsieur.”
Frank: ”All the way from a red-headed algebra teacher to a Dutch alcoholic...”
Claude: ”You know, this is maddening.” (1:50)

Frank answers Ariane, "Who knows with those two crazy Swedes."
"... no big production, no hysterics..." (2:02)

Ariane tells Frank, "It's going to be another one of those crazy years." (2:07)

References in Because I Said SoThe Man Who Fell to Earth

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