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Love Letters

Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Ann Richards
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His soldier friend Roger Morland asks soldier Alan Quinton, "Then why worry?" (0:02)

His friend Helen Wentworth tells Alan, "... and here I’ve waited for this moment so impatiently."
His soldier friend Jim tells Alan, referring to Roger, ”He died.” (0:08)

Dilly Carson tells Alan, "... three quarters intuition."
Alan: ”Intuition about me?” (0:13)

Dilly tells Alan, "You’re drunk." (0:15)

Alan tells caretaker Mac, referring to a picture of Alan as a child, "Look at me: Not a worry in the world." (0:22)

Alan tells Dilly’s roommate Singleton, "I’d rather my own memory came back gradually."
Singleton: ”But I have a good memory sometimes.”
”You were drunk.”
Referring to Dilly: ”She told me you talked about me when you were drunk.”
Dilly tells Alan, ”It’s been a bit of a shock.” (0:34)

Dilly tells Alan, "Singleton is Victoria Morland now..." (0:39)

Dilly tells Alan, referring to Singleton, "She didn’t recognize me anymore."
A caretaker tells Dilly, referring to Beatrice Remington,: ”She’s had another stroke, a second stroke...” (0:42)

On the witness stand Singleton tells defense counsel Phillips, "... I don’t remember that I had a husband." (0:43)

Dilly tells Alan, referring to Singleton, "Two doctors examine her and found that she was perfectly sane. She suffered a terrible shock. She lost her memory but not her mind. Amnesia victims are not insane, you know...."
”She’s forgotten everything.”
Alan: ”Will Singleton ever recover?”
Dilly: ”If anyone told her about her past now, the shock would be so terrible that she’d probably lose her mind.”
”I knew she’d come to hate Roger if she ever found out his real character.”
”... the ice will be her life and her sanity and yours.” (0:45)

Singleton tells Alan, "... you shouldn’t be so shocked and embarrassed."
Alan: ”... Singleton is worrying herself to death about you.”
”You’ve got a good memory.”
Singleton: ”I know I have no memory.” (0:50)

Dilly: "I’m worried, Alan. I’m really worried."
”... but this ceremony might bring back all the terrible memories.” (1:05)

Alan tells Singleton, "Oh, you were nervous."
”Don’t you worry about that.”
Singleton: ”I don’t want to worry about anything.” (1:10)

Singleton tells Alan, "Don’t worry about me."
Singleton remembers aspects of killing Roger. (1:25)

Mac: “Don’t you worry, Mrs. Quinton." (1:28)

Roger tells Victoria, "I want to go out and get drunk..." (1:36)

Beatrice Remington asks Victoria, "Do you realize I couldn’t speak?... I had to keep silent to protect your sanity..." (1:38)

Reference in Mommie Dearest