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Love & Mercy

Bill Camp, Jake Abel, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks, John Cusack, Paul Giamatti
Eugene Landy | Elvis Presley | Brian Douglas Wilson | cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana
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Musician Brian tells car salesperson Melinda, “My brother died.”
”But I’m all broken up about it still...”
”That’s ego stuff...” (0:08)

Brian suffers a panic attack while a passenger in an airplane. (0:12)

Brian: “Yeah, then I started hearing things... people talking.”
Brian’s musician brother Carl: ”Like voices in your head.”
Brian: ”Like cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”
Carl: ”I get nervous on stage, too...” (0:14)

Brian’s father Murry tells him, “It’s a suicide note.” (0:24)

Brian tells percussionist Hal and lyricist Tony, “it’s crazy.” (0:25)

Brian tells Melinda, “Yeah, it was really nice except for when my dad was beating on us...”
”You know I’m 96% deaf in my right ear because my dad whacked me all the time.”
Referring to his daughters, “I wasn’t a very good father to them... because I was drinking and drugging...” (0:29)

Hal tells Brian, “We’ve played with... Elvis...” (0:36)

Melinda tells Brian, “That’s crazy.” (0:40)

Psychologist Dr. Eugene Landy tells the others about his book that tells the reader how to talk to, “... junkies...” (0:42)

Landy tells Melinda, “Brian is a paranoid schizophrenic... self-medicating... frankly suicidal...”
Melinda: “He told me he was taking medication for anxiety, and a little depression.”
Landy: “... it would be therapeutically useful if you would report to me everything that happened... but you know your suspicion is just like Brian’s initial paranoia...” (0:45)

Singer-songwriter Mike asks Brian about his lyric “hang on to your ego.”
Brian: “Hang on to your ego”
Mike: “Yeah, ego. .. Is this a druggie song? Is this a drug song?”
“Brian: ”A drug song?”
Mike: ”Yes, hang on to your ego.”
Brian: “I don’t think it’s a drug song.”
Mike: “... they’re so uptight... sounds like a druggie to me, Brian.”
Brian: “Druggie”
”It’s about ego.”
Mike: ”About ego?... I just want to know if it’s a drug song. If it’s not a drug song, does it sound like a drug song to anybody else?”
Carl: “Okay, it’s not a drug song.”
Mike: “Hang on to our ego. Let’s all just hang on to our egos and record the song.” (0:52)

His musician brother Dennis shares a joint with Brian. Mike, referring to the songs: ”They’re not gonna buy something depressing like that.” (0:53)

Brian appears to experience auditory hallucinations. (0:58)

Brian appears intoxicated. (0:59)

Brian tells his wife Marilyn, “I did LSD.”
”I saw things that you can’t see.” (1:02)

Brian tells Melinda that Landy told him, “That Doug gave me the wrong dosage...” (1:05)

Landy’s son Evan tells Brian, “My dad’s gonna go nuts on me.” (1:06)

Melinda tells Brian, “That was crazy.”
”You’re crazy.” (1:07)

Brian hears a doorbell, but Melinda does not. He tells her, “They’re coming back.”
Melinda, referring to Landy: “He’s overmedicating you. (1:08)

Carl tells Mike, “The British buy albums, you know, and they went crazy for it.”
Dennis: “Cocaine is...” (1:11)

Brian experiences auditory hallucinations. (1:19)

Maid Gloria tells Melinda, referring to a large jar of pills, “I take away, because it makes him more crazy... [referring to Landy] He’s more loco than Mr. Brian... and it makes him crazy.” (1:20)

Brian appears to respond to internal stimuli in a recording studio: “The vibrations aren’t right.” (1:25)

Brian tells his singer brother Dennis, “I think I might be losing it.” (1:30)

Brian tells Melinda, “I hear voices. I hear voices.” (1:36)

Brian hallucinates voices. (1:44)

Murry hits young Brian. (1:45)

Title: “In 1992, after surrendering his license to practice psychology in the state of California, Eugene Landy was barred from having any further contact with Brian Wilson...”
”Landy’s diagnosis that Brian suffered from paranoid schizophrenia was subsequently overturned... Once correctly diagnosed and with proper medication and therapy, Brian’s condition improved significantly.” (1:53)

Brian Wilson sings in concert. (1:54)