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The Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall, Celia Imrie, Louise Bourgoin, Laurent Lafitte, Tuppence Middleton
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Kate: “Let’s get drunk.” (0:08)

Richard tells Kate her idea is “Crazy, daft, stupid.” (0:33)

Kate: “Crazy, daft, stupid.” (0:41)

Kate, examining a prescription bottle: “Pen, are you sure these are going to work?”
Pen: “Three of those and they’ll be out like a baby...”
Kate: ”Who prescribes them for your?” (0:43)

Kate, Richard, Pen and Jerry lace the Texan's drinks with Pen's sleeping pills. (0:44)

Jerry: “That was insane.” (0:45)

Jerry: “She’s crazy.”
Pen: “Crazy?” (0:48)

Richard confronts his acrophobia. (1:00)

Vincent tells his ex-fiance Manon, “You’re crazy.” (1:11)

Richard tells Kate, “Crazy, daft, stupid.” (1:25)