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The Love She Sought

Angela Lansbury, Denholm Elliott, Cynthia Nixon, Gary Hershberger, Robert Prosky, Kate Flynn, Doreen Hepburn, Niall Toibin
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Teacher Agatha tells nun Sr. Judy, referring to Bishop Dick, “The man is deranged.” (0:16)

Dick tells Agatha, “There was method to the madness of asking you to drive with me.” (0:34)

Priest James tells Agatha, “A friend of mine died in this harbor.”
“But no death affected me as much as my sister’s, though.” (0:47)

Agatha tells Janet, “On the contrary, I loved him madly.” (1:07)

James drunk. (1:08)

Dr. O’Neill: “Sorry to do it this way, Jim, but there’s no point in purging you when you’re drunk.” (1:12)