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Love Story (1970)

Ali MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal, John Marley, Ray Milland, Russell Nype, Sydney Walker, Tommy Lee Jones
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Oliver Barrett, IV, referring to Jennifer “Jenny” Cavilleri: "What can you say about a 25-year-old girl who died?" (0:00)

Jenny tells Oliver, "You’re hung-up on me, aren’t you?" (0:03)

Jenny tells Oliver, "Look, Harvard is like this big Santa Claus bag stuffed full of all kinds of crazy toys." (0:25)

Jenny tells Oliver, "You’re driving like a maniac."
Oliver: ”Everybody drives like a maniac.” (0:26)

Oliver: "Don’t worry, Jenny." (0:28)

Jenny answers Oliver: "Yes, but in a crazy sort of way I think you also love my negative social status." (0:33)

Oliver tells his father, Oliver Barrett, III, "I mean, she’s not some crazy hippie." (0:35)

Jenny answers her father Phil Cavilleri, "That you’ve lost your marbles." (0:40)

Jenny tells Oliver, "Let us stay, rather, on earth, beloved, where the unfit, contrarious moods of men recoil away..." (0:44)

Oliver tells Jenny, referring to his father, "I will never talk to him." (0:54)

Jenny tells Oliver, "Don’t worry about it." (1:04)

Dr. Shapely tells Oliver, "There’s no question about the diagnosis... We can withhold treatment for a little while..." (1:11)

Oliver tells Jenny, "No, but you’re a nut, and I happen to need a nut." (1:13)

Dr. Addison tells Oliver, "... there are unpleasant side effects." (1:23)

Oliver reconnects with his father. (1:24)

Phil: "Don’t worry, Jenny." (1:28)

Jenny asks Oliver, "What do you want to talk, funerals?" (1:30)

Oliver tells his father, "Jenny’s dead." (1:36)

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