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Love Is Strange

John Lithgow, Alfred Molina, Marisa Tomei, Darren Burrows, Charlie Tahan, Cheyenne Jackson, Manny Perez
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Artist Ben tells his author niece Kate, “The worst part of getting old is memory.” (0:26)

Kate tells her husband Elliot, referring to their son Joey, “He’s obsessed with the French Revolution.” (0:40)

Ben tells Kate and Elliot he just saw “The Gang’s All Here.”
Referring to Joey: ”You even sent him to see a therapist.” (0:51)

The orthopedist tells Ben’s family, “No, he fainted.” (0:59)

Elliot: “Joey, when kids your age steal, there’s often drugs involved.”
Referring to Joey's friend: ”Is Vlad involved with drugs?”
”The only way my mind can understand how a boy like Vlad is stealing books in the French language is if he was high.”
Elliot tells Kate, “You’re too nice to him.” (1:03)

Ben's music teacher husband George tells partier Ian, “It’s other people who drive me crazy sometimes.”
Ian: “Are you high?” (1:08)

Ben tells George, “That crazy mother... was trying to rob me.”
George: “To all the crazy mother...”
Ben: “All the crazy mother...” (1:17)

Joey talks to George about Ben’s funeral. (1:21)