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Love Streams

Gena Rowlands, Diahnne Abbott, John Cassavetes
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Playboy writer Robert asks singer Joanie, “You sell drugs?” (0:03)

A transvestite approaches Robert. (0:08, 0:16)

Robert’s sister Sarah tells Judge Dunbar, “You see, Judge, when someone is temporarily insane, lIke Jack here is... they don’t want to see the people that they really love.”
Sarah’s husband Jack: “My wife has been in and out of institutions since our marriage.” (0:12)

Singer Susan asks Robert, “Are you crazy?” (0:22)

Robert tells Susan’s mother Margarita, “But I don’t want you to be a mother now, because it confuses me...” (0:27)

Her psychiatrist tells Sarah, “If you don’t let go... then you’re going to have to go back to the bug house, where you don’t belong.” (0:31)

By telephone Sarah tells her ex-husband Jack, “I’m almost not crazy now.” (0:37)

Robert tells Sarah, “You’re nuts. You’re really nutty as a fruitcake.”
Referring to his son Albie: “We were just... getting drunk...” (0:58)

Robert asks Albie, “Still a little drunk?” (1:04)

Robert tells Sarah, “Yeah, well, life is a series of suicides, divorces, promises broken, children smashed, whatever.”
Sarah: “You know what my shrink told me?” (1:16)

Sarah asks the other bowlers, “Isn’t it crazy?” (1:27)

Sarah tells Robert, “Poetry, I love it, but it’s just so depressing. I always get so low.”
”Hon, then I can go back to being obsessive about my family.” (1:34)

By telephone Sarah tells Robert, “You don’t like me now, but when I get home with what I get home with, you’re gonna be crazy about me.” (1:41)

Sarah tells Robert, “I know this looks crazy, but, but I just got carried away.”
She tells the cab driver, referring to Robert, “I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy as a bedbug.” (1:46)

Sarah hears Robert’s voice: “You’re crazy as a bedbug.” (1:56)

Jack tells Sarah, “This is the most ridiculous, crazy idea I’ve ever heard.”
Sarah tells her daughter Debbie and Jack, “I want you all to be in a very good mood.” (1:57)