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Love & Suicide (2006)

hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Vicodin
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Tearful student Emily drinks whiskey and swallows pills from a prescription bottle. (0:00)

New student Kaye tells student’s Brandy and Sarah, “My dad died a couple weeks ago.” (0:04)

Emily passes a joint to her truck driver friend Dave. He takes a toke.
Emily tells Kaye, “You are not high.”
Kaye: “I am not high.”
Kaye’s brother Rick tells her mother Susan, “Kaye’s been smoking.” (0:08)

By telephone Emily tells Kaye, “It was the drugs.” (0:13)

Emily, Kaye and friend Chuck play hide and seek in a cemetery. (0:19)

Kaye tells Emily about her father’s death, cries. (0:20)

Susan asks Kaye, “Do you know what it says in the Bible about homosexuality?” (0:23)

Emily’s mother tells Emily by telephone, referring to Susan, “She’s going out of her mind.” (0:29)

Emily tells her mother, “I am not in the mood for this.” (0:34)

Dave acts drunk. (0:40)

Dave tells his friend, “I’m hungover.” (0:42)

Student Leslie: “I know y’all are gonna think I’m crazy...” (1:08)

Kaye tells Susan, referring to the Bible, “It says... nothing about the child molesting freaks of this world.” (1:16)

Kaye finds Emily unresponsive. (1:23)

Doctor: “Emily, if you don’t talk to me, I can’t let you leave... I’m putting a hold on you until you speak.”
”Did you mean to kill yourself?”
”Well, Vicodin’s a pretty strong pain reliever.” (1:24)

Kaye pours a handful of tablets from a prescription bottle then washes them down with wine.” (1:33)