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Lover Come Back

Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Edie Adams, Jack Oakie, Jack Kruschen, Ann B. Davis, Joe Flynn, Jack Albertson, Charles Watts, Donna Douglas, Ward Ramsey
Sigmund Freud
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His boss Pete Ramsey tells advertising account executive Jerry, referring to Pete’s walking stick, “My psychiatrist gave me that to build up my confidence.”
Referring to competing agency account executive Carol, “She said you got Mr. Miller tipsy...”
Jerry: “I got him loaded...”
Ramsey: ”That’s sadistic.”
”It depresses the employees. I’ve discussed it with my analyst, Dr. Melnick... He says I depresses him too.”
”What’s this obsession you have with girls?” (0:15)

Ramsey tells Jerry, “You know, everyone should go through analysis.” (0:31)

Jerry: “Now, Pete, don’t panic.” (0:38)

Pete asks Jerry, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:40)

Chemist Dr. Linus Tyler tells Jerry, “And now with VIP, the idiots have reached a millennium.” (0:43)

Jerry tells Carol, “Well, I prefer to reserve judgement until I see him sober.” (0:47)

Jerry (pretending to be Tyler) tells Carol, referring to his physician brother, “He went into the interior to treat this tribe of sick natives... discovered too late that they were cannibals.” (0:49)

Carol tells Jerry, “You see, I don’t drink.”
Jerry: “Neither do I.”
”Even one little glass of champagne, and I become completely irresponsible. I might do anything.” (0:51)

Sign in front of strip club: “SIGRID FREUD THE ‘ID’ GIRL” (0:57)

Tyler tells Jerry, “It’ll be... joy to the depressed...” (1:02)

Carol’s secretary Millie answers Carol: “The mad chemist, Dr. Tyler.” (1:02)

Pete tells Jerry, “I warned you not to hire that madman.”
”There’s only one way out: suicide.”
“We’ll get Hadley to commit suicide...” (1:09)

Jerry tells Carol, “I feel so insecure.”
”You deserve a man, not a mass of neurotic doubts.” (1:19)

Tyler tells Pete, “I have given this country what it has long needed, a good ten cent drunk.” (1:33)

Carol tells Jerry, “You got me drunk.”
Jerry: “Cold sober, even with a hangover, I kind of like it...”
Carol: ”... no drug known to science could induce me to stay with you.” (1:38)