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The Lovers on the Bridge

Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant, Klaus-Michael Gruber, Edith Scob, Georges Aperghis, Daniel Buain, Marion Stalens, Chrichan Larsson
ethyl alcohol-chloral hydrate | chloral hydrate
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Intoxicated, firebreathing street performer Alex staggers down the middle of an empty Paris street. (0:03)

Alex deliberately scrapes his forehead on the pavement. (0:04)

Alex's friend and drug dealer Hans tells Alex, "I told you, when you go nuts you come to me... not the bottle."
Alex: "Pass me my downer."
Hans passes an ampule of clear liquid to Alex. Chloral hydrate?
Street artist Michèle tells Alex she drew his picture "from memory." (0:20)

Michel tells Alex, "I want to be drunk with you..." (0:43)

Alex asks Hans, "You pass me my downer?"
Hans: "A downer?"
Alex: "Quick. Need my downer."
Hans: "Too much drink. Doesn't mix." (0:54)

Hans asks Alex, "Want your downer?" (0:57)

Michèle tells Alex, "I'm hung over." (0:59)

Hans tells Michèle, referring to his wife and daughter, "But after our little girl died, she downed more and more, joyless... She died at 33." (1:04)

Michèle empties ampules into men's drinks in order to steal their money. (1:11)

Hans falls into the Seine River. Suicide? (1:28)

Alex deliberately shoots his own hand with a pistol. (1:42)