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Loving Vincent

Douglas Booth, Jerome Flynn, Robert Gulaczyk, Helen McCrory, Chris O'Dowd, Saoirse Ronan, John Sessions, Eleanor Tomlinson, Aidan Turner
Vincent van Gogh
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Newspaper: "On Sunday July 27, one Van Gogh, aged 37, Dutch painter, staying at Auvers, shot himself with a revolver... he died two days later." (0:01)

A man tells a policeman he saw him fighting Armand "Over crazy red, that painter guy..." (0:04)

Armand tells the policeman, referring to the letter he dropped, "It’s Vincent’s." (0:05)

Woman, referring to van Gogh: "He was mad." (0:06)

A prostitute shrieks when she sees van Gogh’s severed ear after opening the handkerchief he brought her. (0:08)

A bystander refers to "that nutcase."
”One drunken crazy oughta be enough.” (0:08)

Armand’s postman father Joseph: "Let's get you sobered up." (0:10)

Armand proposes an end to Joseph’s unfinished sentence: "Killed himself?"
Joseph: “He had a breakdown.”
Armand: “... kids, chasing him to the nuthouse.”
Joseph: ”How does a man go from being absolutely calm to being suicidal in 6 weeks?” (0:11)

Paint supplier Père Tanguy tells Armand, referring to Vincent’s brother, "... after Vincent died Theo went into sharp decline... Vincent's death destroyed him... And no suicide note either."
Tanguy, referring to Vincent: “He shot himself...” (0:15)

Young Vincent follows his mother to a graveyard. (0:17)

Man in cafe: "Ego like no other." (0:19)

Funeral for Vincent (0:21)

Dr. Gachet’s housekeeper tells Armand, referring to Vincent, "We've had quite enough weeping over that nutcase in this household." (0:25)

Armand tells hotel proprietress Adeline, "We’d just found out he killed himself." (0:27)

Vincent tells the hotel proprietor, "I tried to kill myself." (0:28)

A boatman tells Armand, referring to Vincent, "And the next thing I hear he's killed himself." (0:36)

Adeline tells Armand, "Dr. Gachet is crazy protective of his daughter." (0:37)

Marguerite Gachet tells Armand, "It was part of the treatment my father recommended." (0:42)

Madeline asks Armand, "Don't you think that's odd, to place an order with his brother, if money was an issue between them, and then to kill himself the next day?" (0:47)

Armand writes Joseph, "Tanguy, the paint supplier, said that Vincent shot himself in the field." (0:52)

Adeline tells Armand, referring to Vincent, "he nearly fainted." (0:58)

Armand tells a policeman, "I think I was drunk."
Policeman: ”I hear you were defending the honor of our village idiot.”
Referring to Vincent: ”He told me... that he’d tried to kill himself.” (1:03)

Dr. Mazery tells Armand, referring to Vincent, "He said he'd shot himself, but I knew he hadn't... With suicides, people shoot themselves in the head." (1:06)

Marguerite tells Armand, "Renee is an idiot for sure, but he is not a murderer."
Armand: ”An idiot who drank, who had a gun...”
Marguerite: ”So lonely Vincent resorts to hanging around with drunken teenagers, and he gets shot, or he shoots himself in despair at his lonely life..” (1:12)

Armand tells Dr. Gachet, "... explain to me how it went from absolutely calm and in a normal state to suicidal."
Gachet: ”You’re familiar with melancholia, are you?”
Referring to Adeline: ”She's obviously qualified to make such a diagnosis.”
Referring to Vincent: ”Leaving the asylum had given him fresh hope.”
Armand: ”I don't reckon he committed suicide.”
Gachet: “... he said he'd shot himself.”
”I think he took his life to try and save Theo, because of something I said.” (1:16)