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Lucky Them

Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church, Nina Arianda, Ryan Eggold, Ahna O'Reilly, Oliver Platt, Gary Gulman, Amy Seimetz
Kurt Cobain | marijuana
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Music critic Ellie’s boss Giles lights a joint and offers it to her. (0:05)

Ellie tells singer Lucas, “Drunk, and I am leaving.” (0:10)

Giles, referring to Ellie: “... nut job.” (0:12)

Ellie tells her friend, “There is no way that he would have jumped. Matthew... He was scared of heights... is... is scared of heights.”
Charlie: ”Who was scared of heights?” (0:12)

Documentary filmmaker Charlie tells Ellie and her bartender friend Dana, “Truth be told, we lost our fortune in the panic of 1907 (0:15)

Ellie tells Charlie she feels “Anxious.”
”I’m anxious.” (0:26)

Man on the street: “People talk about Cobain, but... Cobain.”
Man: “We got wasted a couple times.”
”I bounce drunks.”
Lucas: ”I’m playing a little gig on a stage, so not just a sidewalk and drunk people yelling at me.” (0:38)

Lucas tells Ellie, referring to singer Matthew, “Man, it is crazy that you used to hang out with him.”
”That’s insane.”
”And why did he kill himself?” (0:42)

Lucas tells Ellie, referring to Charlie’s girlfriend Charlotte, “She’s kind of crazy, right?”
Ellie: ”Are you nervous about your meeting?” (0:48)

Giles tells Ellie, “I cannot cover for you anymore while you self-destruct over some idiot... musician.” (0:50)

Lucas tells Ellie, “Crazy!” (0:51)

Craig tells Ellie, “I am 14 credits away from an online degree from the University of Phoenix, no less, to be a therapist, a licensed, accredited therapist.” (1:01)

Ellie tells Lucas, referring to Craig, “He’s sort of my therapist.” (1:03)

Dana tells Ellie, “You’re in crazy town.” (1:09)

Bartender Sara asks Ellie, referring to Matthew, “Isn’t that the dude that killed himself over at the falls?” (1:16)

Ellie tells Charlie, Matthew, “You know that last night when they found his car out there by the falls... I just drove out there like a maniac.” (1:17)

Giles lights a joint. (1:26)