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The Lunatic (1991)

Carl Bradshaw, Paul Campbell, Reggie Carter, Linda Gambrill, Tony Hendriks, Michael London, Rosemary Murray, Julie T. Wallace
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"Boss" Busha finds a cow urinating on his mother's grave. (0:06)

"Lunatic" Aloysius converses with: his friend the Strongheart Tree (0:07, 0:14, 0:19, 0:23, 0:29, 0:33, 0:55, 0:59, 1:07, 1:13, 1:27), a bush (0:14, 0:19), the cricket ball (1:03), a cow (1:14, 1:31)

Busha learns his friend Mansie has died. He discusses plans for his own burial with his wife Sarah. (0:09)

German tourist Inga tells Aloysius, "You are a lunatic."
"I meet my first native lunatic." (0:14)

Inga smokes a joint. (0:19)

Inga and Aloysius in the graveyard. (0:24)

The "bumbo barman" tells Inga, referring to Aloysius, "He's a madman."
"a real madman" (0:25)

Aloysius visualizes Inga as a vampire.
The hotel manager tells Inga, referring to Aloysius, "This is a madman."
"This white woman tied up the madman on the bed."
"... come and tie up madman in my hotel."
"If it's the madman you want to tie up then go to the madhouse in Kingston." (0:27)

Busha asks the others, "How can I put a madman on a cricket team?"
The parson tells Busha, "I don't care if the man is a maniac." (0:32)

Sarah asks Busha, "Why would any decent woman want a dirty lunatic like Aloysius?"
"Every time I think of... that nasty madman..." (0:36)

Inga and butcher Service smoke joints. (0:38)

Inga rolls and smokes a joint. (0:41)

Widow Dawkins places flowers at her husband's grave. (0:44)

Busha shops for a grave for himself. (0:45)

Attorney Linstrom emerges from his family mausaleum. (0:47)

Sarah and Busha in the graveyard argue over a grave. (0:53)

Service asks Inga, "How can anybody break house with a madman?" (0:59)

A cricket player tells Busha, "You bring a madman to bowl to us. You're not supposed to bring a madman in a friendly match." (1:03)

Linstrom tells Busha, "Every breath of life that you draw... you owe to this madman here." (1:18)

The judge tells Aloysius, "But I cannot in good conscience release a man of your obvious derangement..." (1:26)