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Lust for Life

CastKirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, James Donald, Pamela Brown, Everett Sloane, Niall MacGinnis, Noel Purcell, Henry Daniell, Madge Kennedy, Jill Bennett
Year released1956
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His brother Theo complains to artist Vincent van Gogh, referring to his family, that he “Cut yourself off from everybody.”
”We’ve grown apart.”
Theo: “Don’t ever cut yourself off from me again.” (0:16)

Vincent tells his minister father Theodorus, “It’s not right to grieve that long. God didn't intend the living to mourn forever." (0:22)

Vincent tells Theo in his thoughts about love, “... it’s as impossible to quench it as it is for a man to take his own life.” (0:27)

Laundress Christine tells Vincent, “I understand why people drown themselves.”
Vincent: “Suicide’s a terrible thing.” (0:31)

Christine tells Vincent, “My mother was right, getting myself hooked up with a crazy painter.” (0:38)

Vincent grieves the loss of his father. (0:43)

A waiter places a bottle of Absinthe on Vincent’s table. He drinks. (1:08)

The waiter tells the postman that Vincent had “Two coffees. Three Absinthes.” (1:09)

Artist Gaugin tells Vincent, “If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s confusion, mental or physical... So much for... tobacco and other relaxation.” (1:16)

Gaugin and Vincent drink what appears to be Absinthe. (1:20)

Gaugin orders “Two Absinthes... three Absinthes.” (1:24)

Gaugin tells Vincent, “No wonder they call you crazy around here.” (1:27)

A tortured expression on his face, Vincent cuts his ear with a razor. An official asks, “Self-inflicted, doctor?” (1:33)

Vincent: “Theo, I want to have myself committed. I want to go to an asylum... Unable even to do away with myself.”
”... watching me to make sure the symptoms aren’t coming back? When your baby's born... I'm a danger to others, a danger to myself. Believe me, I’ll be better off in an asylum.” (1:38)

Showing him around the asylum, Dr. Peyron tells Vincent, “Yes, your brother has stated the case most clearly, including the fact that you have voluntarily committed yourself here. Now, you know, mental disease is no different from any other ailment you might have contracted. And these hallucinations you speak of, once you recognize them as the normal accompaniment of disturbances of this sort, whether congenital or acquired...” (1:40)

Dr. Peyron dictates a letter to Theo: "... mutilated his left ear. In view of the above and in light of my examination of the patient... undergo extended observation and treatment in this institution.”
Peyron dictates again: ”The patient’s condition appears satisfactory... He continues to suffer, however, from a condition of chronic inertia accompanied by symptoms of extreme terror.”
”It would appear that painting is beneficial... to the patient’s well being...” (1:42)

Art patron Dr. Gacher tells Vincent, “... those seizures... Tell yourself you’re finished with them...” (1:50)

After writing a note Vincent pulls a revolver from his pocket. We hear the report of a gunshot off camera. He dies in a hospital bed with Theo at his side. (1:58)

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