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Mad Love

Chris O'Donnell, Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard
Drew Barrymore
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Student Casey tries to explain her behavior to student Matt, "The closer we get the more I do these things." Matt tells Casey his mother "left when I was nine." (0:34)

Dr. Genel asks Casey's parents about Casey: "Is there any record of psychiatric illness... tried this before?" Casey's mother Margaret tells Matt, "It's an acute psychiatric unit..."
"We have to keep her here for a while."
"She took an overdose. I found her unconscious." (0:39)

Matt finds Casey in restraints. (0:42)

Matt visits Casey in the hospital day room then helps her to elope. (0:47)

Casey's father, referring to Matt: "He broke my daughter out of a psychiatric hospital." (0:49)

Matt's father Clifford tells Matt, referring to Casey, "She's sick, and she needs psychiatric help." (1:08)

Casey tells Matt she has pasted pictures of eyes all over the walls "for our protection." Paranoia? (1:14)

Matt finds Casey in the ladies room in a panic. (1:19)

In a telephone call Margaret tells Matt, referring to Casey, "She's clinically depressed. She needs treatment. She needs drugs to control her mood swings."
"They have to monitor the dosage. It can be dangerous..."
Matt: "They're just going to lock her up again."
Margaret: "She can be a voluntary patient."
"It wasn't the first time she's attempted suicide." (1:21)

Casey points a revolver at her head and a few moments later places the muzzle in her mouth. (1:26)

Matt takes Casey to the hospital. (1:28)

How would you diagnose Casey? Simple depression, "clinical" or otherwise, seems a poor fit. Maybe Bipolar II. What about Borderline Personality Disorder? Can we make that diagnosis in someone as young as she?