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Madea's Witness Protection

Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Romeo Miller, Denise Richards, Doris Roberts, Tom Arnold, John Amos, Marla Gibbs, Danielle Campbell, Devan Leos
Valium | marijuana | diazepam
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His wife Kate tells CFO George, “You need to go to your mom’s and go find you mom’s Valium.”
George: “Get a Valium out of my mom’s purse.” (0:14)

Madea tells another shopper, “It’s crazy up there.” (0:15)

Prosecutor Brian’s father Joe: “No, that’s just crazy. Have some criminal up in this house, looking all crazy...” (0:28)

George’s daughter Cindy tells her half brother Howie, “Yeah, you would, you moron.” (0:33)

Cindy tells George, “This is crazy.” (0:36) 

Joe: “That’s doggone insane.” (0:40)

Cindy, referring to Madea: “She’s insane.” (0:47)

George’s mother Barbara, disoriented, asks, “What day is it?... Where am I?” (0:54)

Madea tells Kate, “That is crazy.” (1:01)

Madea tells Cindy her family has died. (1:12)

Joe tells Barbara, “Well, I see dead people...” (1:15)

Kate asks George, “Are you crazy?” (1:25)

Madea tells George, “I’m nervous.”
George: “Well, there’s nothing to be nervous about.” (1:28)

Jake: “You need something to calm your nerves?”
George: “Hey, what does that mean, drugs? Is that drugs?”
Madea: “I know you ain’t got no drugs.”
George: “No drugs.”
Madea: “I’m gonna kick your ass if you got them drugs. You don’t bring no drugs up in here.”
Jake: “No drugs.” (1:29)

Madea tells George, “I’m nervous.”
”This thing just makes me nervous.”
”I want a joint.”
Flight attendant: “You’re making the other passengers just a little bit nervous.” (1:33)

Madea tells George, “I thought I had just checked into the Bates Motel.”
“That’s just damn crazy.” (1:38)

Brian tells George, “That’s crazy.” (1:44)

George tells Kate, “Find a little straight jacket.”
Kate: ”And a straightjacket, too.” (1:48)

Madea: “Do you think I have self-esteem issues?... I ain’t got no self-esteem issue, hell.” (1:49)

Madea tells room service by telephone, “You crazy as hell.” (1:52)

Joe tells George, “Yeah, that’s the way the dope boy do it.” (1:53)