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Maggie's Plan

Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Travis Fimmel, Wallace Shawn, Ida Rohatyn
crack cocaine
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Her old lawyer boyfriend Tony tells Maggie (Director of Business Development and Outreach for college art and design students), referring to his sperm, "... I might, you know, save it like mad money style." (0:01)

Maggie asks college professor and writer John, "Psychology Department?" (0:06)

Her friend, Tony’s wife, Felicia tells Maggie, "Then again, I have heard myself described as a psychotic bitch... " (0:07)

Maggie tells John, referring to a character in his book, "... he's married to this insane Brazilian woman who keeps breaking out in rashes." (0:15)

Maggie tells John, referring to her mother, "... And then when I was sixteen, she died." (0:18)

Maggie tells Tony, referring to John’s professor wife Georgette, "She might even be a narcissist."
”He's basically a psychiatric nurse.” (0:20)

By telephone Felicia tails Maggie, referring to Tony, "He's losing his mind.”
”Yeah, he's driving me crazy with theories about mental illness in Guy Childers’ family."
Tony, referring to Filicia’s girlfriend Odette: “That woman is nuts.” (0:25)

Georgette, presenting her new book: "I must ask myself, is the contemporary obsession with exclusive possession ruining our chances of marital happiness?" (0:41)

Maggie tells Felicia, referring to John and Georgette, "... I can see why he was so obsessed with her."
”I thought I was rescuing John from this monstrous egomaniac...” (0:42)

Tony tells Maggie, "Maybe you're having a psychotic episode." (0:49)

His fan Al asks John, "This is kind of fetishy, but would you sign my book?" (0:58)

Buy telephone John tells Maggie, referring to Georgette, "I mean, her mood matches the weather." (1:01)

John tells Georgette, "It's like the last three years just never happened or that I'm hallucinating." (1:08)

Tony tells John, referring to his work, "It's what keeps my wife in postmodern choreography and me in self-loathing."
”This stuff's like liquid crack, John.”
”That's nuts.” (1:15)

Maggie tells George add, referring to Tony, "He was drunk, and it slipped." (1:20)

Georgette tells Maggie, "I went to this workshop on biofeedback." (1:26)

Georgette tells John, "You cannibalized our marriage to write that story." (1:27)