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The Magic of Belle Isle

Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, Madeline Carroll, Emma Fuhrmann, Nicolette Pierini, Kenan Thompson, Fred Willard, Ash Christian, Jessica Hecht, Boyd Holbrook, Debargo Sanyal, Kevin Pollack
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Teenager Willow tells her younger sisters Flora and Finnegan, "You're both crazy." (0:03)

Writer Monte tells his nephew Henry, referring to his deceased wife, "She left me."
And referring to Henry's promised to check in on him, "When you do, you'll find me dead by my own hand." (0:08)

Finnegan tells Flora, "He screams a lot because he's crazy."
Willow: "He sounds bulimic." (0:09)

Neighbor Al tells Monte, "I'm having a memorial for Don at my house." (0:19)

Finnegan tells Monte, referring to neighbor Carl, "Willow says he's retarded." (0:23)

In a telephone conversation Henry tells Monte he is "Just calling to see how that whole killing yourself thing is working out for you." (0:39)

Monte tells Finnegan's mother Charlotte, referring to a character in one of his novels, "He lost her to the influenza..." (0:48)

Monte tells Finnegan, after she asks him why he intends to drink the whiskey, "Because I'm a drunk, and that's what we do. Get drunk enough, you'll cry over anything." (0:53)

Finnegan tells Monte, "You're a no good drunk and a liar." (1:11)

As Charlotte reads a story he wrote we hear Monte's voice: "When elephants find they're too nervous to speak, they begin to dance." (1:13)

Monte tells literary agent Joe, "Sober, you mean. Well, I've stopped before." (1:14)

Monte tells Finnegan how he was injured "when a drunk driver ran a red light... (1:26)