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Magic Trip

Stanley Tucci, Timothy Leary, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Garcia
lysergic acid diethylamide | amphetamine | peyote | Albert Hoffman | Ram Dass | ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise | alpha-methyltryptamine | marijuana | Timothy Leary
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Narrator: "but in 1960... Ken Kesey took an LSD fueled bus trip across the country that changed everything... not like the kind of guy to take massive amounts of LSD." (0:01)

"Here's a scene with Neal Cassidy, the famous speed taking... inspiration for Jack Kerouac's novel, On the Road." (0:03)

George talks about "nibbling on cactus." peyote? (0:07)

"Sandy... in the nut house... the id stripped of everything else." (0:10)

George smokes a joint. (0:11)

"Stark Naked" describes seeing "a million different psychedelic colors." (0:12)

"'On the Road'... opened up doors to us the same way drugs did." (0:15)

"So you have a mania..." (0:22)

"Cassidy popped a lot."
"He couldn't shut himself off. It had a lot to do with speed... concealing the drugs that we had."
"that we were drug freaks. That wouldn't have occurred to anybody..." (0:24)

"How did you get mixed up with LSD in the first place?"
Kesey: "I was given the opportunity to go to the Stanford Hospital and take part in the LSD experiments."
"let alone done any drugs..."
Dr. James L Goddard, FDA: "The study of LSD continues..."
"What is LSD?"
Albert Hoffman: "When I discovered LSD, it was believed it was a product of laboratory."
"mental state closely resembling some forms of insanity, in particular schizophrenia."
"When I was asked to do these drug experiments I thought these drugs might give us a way to cure insanity, to overcome depression."
"cats were afraid of mice once they'd had LSD."
"What was that very first trip like...?"
Kesey: "It was on a nut house ward."
A nurse asks Kesey: "Do you have any anxiety?"
Kesey: "feel fairly drunk... like looking at Rorschach testing... It's the most insane thing... "
Nurse: "effect of the drug..." (0:25)

Kesey reads from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. (0:34)

Kesey: "Those first few pages of Cuckoo's Nest were written on peyote."
"I got a job at the nut house... gave me an empathy... wasn't supposed to be Freudian..." (0:35)

"pregnant, traveling with a bunch of mad men." (0:38)

"We should take some LSD"
"want to take some LSD"
"... acid was just mixed into a jar of orange juice... Nobody had any idea what the dosage was... As the acid came on..."
"I realized I was really high." (0:39)

"After we took the acid..."
"'Stark Naked'... definitely stoned on acid. We put all our acid in one quart Ball jar..."
"Kathy was loaded." (0:43)

"Stark Naked": "I think my psychic vision was..." (0:49)

"... they had put her under psychiatric surveillance." (0:51)

Kesey: "... I learned in the asylum..."
Sign: "Original Old Absinthe Bar"
"The Old Absinthe Bar." (0:53)

"I'm loaded on acid, right, and all these other guys are loaded on acid... All of a sudden this wave of paranoia went through us all." (0:57)

Men smoke joints. (0:58)

"Neal Cassidy... his drugs." (1:02)

"Ginsburg came."
"looking for an angry fix"
"Ginsburg is like a sponge... try to find Ginsburg..." (1:07)

"Ken and Babbs were so manic and so high..." (1:11)

"When you're high, the more variety the better." (1:12)

"By then the trip became more important than the destination... The whole notion of the trip, take an acid trip..."
Timothy Leary: "The same thing is true of a psychedelic drug." (1:13)

"Ginsburg is the one that set it all up... acid heads meeting... acid heads."
"We're high, and they're coming down."
"... bus with these speed freaks." (1:14)

"We waited all day for Leary..." (1:15)

Alpert: "I got this terrible panic... the panic which is the panic that precedes the psychological death..."
"He says all my dope is yours." (1:16)

"We decided we wanted to find a spot to take IT290."
"IT 290 was... the Rolls Royce of the psychedelics."
"He claimed it was the last jar of IT290 on the planet... popped the IT290 and had the trip... even better than acid... It's a hallucinogen but very calming. Acid can have a hard edge..."
Kesey: "These drugs were opening a door..." (1:19)

"Cassidy of course took speed." (1:26)

Signs read: "Can you pass the acid test?" (1:27)

A series of people:
Male: "LSD is a really groovy way to find out more about the things around you."
Female: "LSD helps me understand the world better."
Male: "LSD helps you to understand your own mind."
President Ronald Reagan: "Well I'm terribly frightened by the problem of LSD." (1:29)

Picture of a capsule: "powerful new drug capable of producing weird and dangerous hallucinations."
Sounds of the television drama Dragnet, Detective Joe Friday's "714" badge.
"He's clean Joe, except for these." He holds a handful of sugar cubes
Joe: "... dropping that acid..."
"Hospital people... are becoming expert in the handling of LSD users in trouble."
Doctor: "The bad trip, instant insanity."
"Some others who take LSD lose all contact with reality... attempt to fly from high windows... non-psychedelic consequences." (1:30)

"With all the hype about LSD, you were busted [results, not consequences] with marijuana?"
Kesey: "being in a place where marijuana was..."
Headline: "Novelist Sentenced In Marihuana Case."
TV reporter, referring to Kesey: "Meanwhile he will tell the teenage world of the evils of drugs... long trip."
Kesey: "I am repudiating LSD and other hallucinatory drugs. There's enough LSD around now... "
"Trip or treat... It's time to graduate from acid."
Kesey: "This doesn't necessarily mean you stop taking acid... Every head knows... he takes the drug to eventually stop taking it."
"I believe that drugs have now become a fashion."
Tour bus driver: "and marijuana of course with LSD is being used." (1:31)

"All these drugs were being fed into the culture by the CIA."
Ginsburg: "The LSD was not the whole story."
Kesey: "Alan, You're just paranoid... being done to try to cure insane people..." (1:36)

Kesey refers to himself: "just happens to be an acid head."
"They were on a heavy sadomasochistic trip."
"When he died I felt like that he'd accidentally killed himself on purpose." (1:39)