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Luis Guzmán, Miguel Ángel Álvarez, Silvia Brito, Yaraní del Valle, Ednali Figueroa, Luis Gonzaga, Teresa Hernández,Chavito Marrero, Dolores Pedro, Norman Santiago, Fernando Tarrazo
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A woman in a car tells the man who is driving, “You drive me insane.” (0:02)

Lourdes grieves the death of grandma Mercedes. (0:06)

Bus driver Marta, referring to passenger Miguel: “This guy’s nuts... He’s nuts.” (0:12)

Her daughter Isabel tells Flora, “That’s insane.” (0:14)

Miguel holds a pistol to his chin. He tells Marta, “If you don't marry me, I’ll shoot myself right now.”
”Say yes, or I shoot myself.” (0:21)

Wake for Mercedes. Lourdes mother tells Lourdes, “I can’t believe that she’s dead.” (0:29)

Lourdes faints. Her cousin Tati tells her, “You fainted is what happened.” (0:31)

Miguel tells Marta, "Either we get married or I shoot myself right now."
Marta: "You wanna shoot yourself?" Miguel holds the pistol to head. (0:34)

Marta: “This guy’s crazy.” (0:36)

A man on the street tells a reporter, "... I thought the driver was nuts... I see this crazy looking guy with a gun this big." (0:44)

Ismael tells someone by telephone, refrring to his wife Lourdes, “She’s insane.”
”That woman’s insane.” (0:46)

Bus passenger: “This silence would drive anyone crazy.” (0:55)

Passenger: “You’re all... nuts!” As a police officer escourts him past a priest he gestures as if to cut his throat. Marta tells the priest, referring to Miguel, “This guy’s nuts!" (0:58)

Flora tells her ex-husband Cirilo, “You’re drunk.” (1:12)

Funeral at cemetery. (1:15)