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Man Up

Simon Pegg, Lake Bell, Harriet Walter, Ophelia Lovibond, Olivia Williams, Dean-Charles Chapman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Sharon Horgan, Rory Kinnear, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Ken Stott, Henry Lloyd-Hughes
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Nancy watches psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter in a scene from The Silence of the Lambs. (0:04)

Nancy tells room service waiter Andrew, "I'm just not really in the party mood tonight." (0:05)

Her sister Elaine tells Nancy, "Mum's obsessed." (0:11)

Jack tells Nancy, "Somebody threw themselves on the track again."
He tells the caller, "Yes, we have met, and I am not a complete psychopath..." (0:15)

Bert tells Adam, "Let's go mental."
Elaine tells Bert, referring to Jack, "He said he wasn't a psychopath."
Bert tells Elaine's mother Fran, "If he's not a psychopath..." (0:17)

Jack tells Nancy, "You seem a bit freaked out."
"Is that a stressful job?"
"I'm a bit nervous to be honest."
Nancy: "I'm not, like, freaking out about it yet." (0:19)

Nancy asks bartender Sean, "Are you out of your... mind?" (0:31)

Her husband tells Elaine, "Everyone'll just get drunk..." (0:32)

Nancy tells Jack, "It sounds a bit mad."
"But don't think of it as mad. Think of it as impulsive."
Jack: "How would you feel, Nancy, if you'd been set up to go on a date... and then some psycho pretends to be them instead?" (0:36)

Jack calls Nancy "Idiot."
Nancy: "Idiot." (0:45)

Nancy asks Jack’s wife Hilary and her lover Ed, "Isn't that mad?" (0:52)

Man leaning over toilet stall: "Jungian therapy." (1:00)

Jack tells Nancy, "Denial, depression, acceptance..." [stages of grief]
Nancy: "This is a crazy idea..."
Nancy, referring to Jessica: "Your 24-year old obsession, isn't it?"
Jack: "Idiot."
Nancy: "Idiot."
Jack: "Idiot."Nancy: "Idiot." (1:01)

Jessica asks Jack, "What kind of nutter pretends to be someone else's blind date?" (1:05)

Nancy, beating her head against the wall: "Idiot, idiot, idiot..." (1:12)

Nancy: "A fun, loving, crazy, contradictory, long, happy life with someone." (1:18)

Jack: "But, undeterred, I commandeered these brilliant young drunks... or witnessed your very instinctive firewoman skills..." (1:20)