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A Man Called Ove

Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Filip Berg, Ida Engvoll, Chatarina Larsson, Tobias Almborg, Börje Lundberg, Klas Wiljergård, Simon Edenroth, Poyan Karimi, Johan Widerberg, Stefan Gödicke
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Neighborhood prefect and factory worker Ove tells a store clerk, “That’s totally insane.” (0:01)

Ove, placing flower in front of his deceased wife Sonja’s gravestone: “That’s totally insane.” (0:01)

Ove in the cemetery (0:06)

Ove contemplates the noose hanging from his ceiling; he tightens it around his neck. He abandons his suicide attempt when he observes commotion outside his house. (0:07)

New neighbor Parvaneh tells Ove, referring to Patrick, “He’s nuts.” (0:09)

Ove returns to the noose, but again abandons his plan. (0:10)

Ove: “Idiots.” (0:11)

Ove: “Idiots.”
”Damn car maniac!” (0:13)

Ove talks to Sonja at her grave. (0:14)

Ove tries the noose, but a doorbell interrupts him. (0:15)

Ove goes through with hanging himself. (0:20)

Memorial service for Ove’s mother: “My dad wasn’t the kind who showed grief.” (0:21)

Ove remembers the death of his father as the noose rope breaks.
He calls the clerk where he bought the rope “Idiot.”
He visits Sonja’s grave. (0:27)

Ove tells his unresponsive friend Rune, “I’m joining Sonja.” (0:32)

In his garage Ove fits a hose to the car exhaust and starts the car. (0:33)

Parvaneh, banging on the garage door, interrupts Ove. (0:48)

Ove tells Parvaneh, “Ask these imbecile ‘policemen’ in fancy dress.” (0:52)

Beppo the clown asks Ove, “Are you totally mad?” (0:52)

As Ove contemplate jumping in front of a train another man faints and falls on the track. A man on the platform asks Ove, still standing on the track, “Hell, are you insane?” (0:54)

Leaving flowers at Sonja’s grave, Ove says, “Killing oneself isn’t all that easy, you know.” (0:57)

Ove yells at Parvaneh, “Hey, idiot!” (0:59)

Ove tells Parvaneh, “I simply can’t watch one idiot teach another one how to drive.” (1:01)

Parvaneh tells Ove, referring to the motorist behind her, “God, he’s really stressing me out.”
Ove: “Idiot.” (1:01)

Ove at Sonja’s grave (1:11)

Ove tells journalist Lena, “Any idiot can work out how to open that from the inside. Idiots.” (1:15)

Ove tells Parvaneh, “The more all these idiots keep babbling about her, the more they will drown out the little memory I have of her voice.” (1:16)

Official Anders tells Ove, “I’ve read all your crazy letters to newspapers and authorities.”
Ove: “Damn idiot.” (1:18)

Ove places the muzzle of his shotgun against his chin, but when the doorbell rings the gun discharges, missing him.
Restaurant worker Mirsad tells him, referring to Mirsad’s father, “He was going to kill himself if any of his children were gay.” (1:23)

At her grave, Ove tells Sonja, “Idiot, that’s what I’ve been.” (1:28)

Parvaneh tells Ove, “Everyone’s an idiot...” (1:30)

Ove comforts Sonja after telling her the accident killed the baby. Ove: “In the middle of that grief, I felt a kind of inner strength.”
”I wanted to eliminate them all... the drunken driver...” (1:38)

Ove tells Parvaneh, “And six months ago she passed away.” (1:42)

Parvaneh and Patrick find Ove dead in his bed. (1:49)

Memorial service for Ove. (1:50)