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A Man Escaped

Francois Leterrier, Charles Le Clainche, Maurice Beerblock, Roland Monod, Jacques Ertaud, Jean Paul Delhumeau, Roger Treherne, Jean Philippe Delamarre
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Lt. Fontaine: “I unconsciously prepared myself.” (0:16)

Fontaine, referring to his fate, “I had no illusions about my own.” (0:21)

Prisoner Blanchet tells Fontaine how he tried to kill himself: “I made a noose with my laces. The nail broke.” (0:33)

Prisoner Hebrard tells Fontaine and another prisoner, referring to prisoner Orsini, “When he got here we thought he’d go mad.” (0:35)

Fontaine: “I broke into nervous laughter that relieved me.” (1:06)

Fontaine asks his cell mate François, “The two of you were drunk?” (1:07)

François asks Fontaine, “Are you out of your mind?” (1:17)