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James Mason, Susan George, Perry King, Richard Ward, Brenda Sykes, Ken Norton, Lillian Hayman, Roy Poole, Ji-Tu Cumbuka, Ben Masters, Paul Benedict
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Plantation owner Warren tells the others, “Abolitionists: cranks and loonies...” (0:09)

Hammond tells his new wife, also his cousin, Blanche, “You drink drink them toddies like an old drunk.” (0:58)

Hammond tells Blanche, “You’re just drunk.” (0:59)

Slave Agamemnon tells slave Mede, “Jamaican... like crazy dog.” (1:22)

Slave Lucretia Borgia tells Warren, “Mrs. Blanche, she was tipsy.” (1:22)

Blanche grieves the death of her newborn son. (1:50)

Warren tells Agamemnon, “You crazy nigga, drop that gun, you loony black bastard.” (2:04)

Reference in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps