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Mango Tango

Marianne Hettinger, Bruno Rabl, Klaus Modlmeier
Sigmund Freud | Joseph Roth
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Dance instructor Marlene: “I’m starting to question my sanity... There are a lot of nuts out there... I think I need therapy.”
Crayon portrait of Freud with sign: “DR. Freud PSYCHO-ANALYSIS” (0:02)

Marlene: “Now with Julio in my life nothing could bother me... not the lunatic prophet next to the Jimmy Carter in Drag statue...” (0:04)

Marlene quotes her grandmother: “But sometimes the cure is worse than the symptoms.” (0:08)

Marlene tells Dr. Jesus Goldstein, “You’d make a terrific therapist.”
”I’ve been looking for a therapist.” (0:11)

Marlene: “I always thought therapists were just overpaid quacks who pretend to care as you sit there spilling your guts out, but Dr. Goldstein with his five o’clock shadow wasn’t your typical shrink at all.” (0:13)

Psychotherapy session: Jesus tells Marlene: “In therapy I use the ant colony as a metaphor...”
”... release work, or the more classical Freudian psychotherapy...” (0:13)

Session 2.
Marlene: “After that I was so depressed I need to look for spiritual guidance.” (0:17)

Subjects in mystical session with shaman vomit and hallucinate after ingesting an unidentified liquid.” (0:25)

Marlene: “I was such an idiot.” (0:29)

Her lover Tony asks Marlene, “Are you retarded?” (0:31)

Male voice: “Marlene... She’s crazy about me.” (0:34)

Session 3 (0:35)

Marlene:L “Dr. Goldstein’s visualization technique rocked.” (0:39)

Session 4: Marlene: “He’s probably some fanatic idiot.”
”These people just cause panic and fear.”
Marlene thinks: “How sick am I that I am fantasizing about my therapist?” (0:53)

Marlene tells Jesus, “You know people always say, ‘I’m nuts’...” (0:48)

Marlene: “I had convinced myself that being Dr. Goldstein’s client ruined my chances for ever going out with him...” (0:49)

Session 5
Dr. Goldstein: “You’ve been stressed out... and now the whole stalking thing...”
Marlene: ”I wish I didn’t have to miss therapy with you.” (0:56)

Marlene’s father tells the others, “Joseph Roth was a great writer, but he drank like a fish, and in the end he drank himself to death.”
”... from one drunk to another...” (0:59)

Marlene tells her brother, “I’m a little freaked out.” (1:02)

Her old friend Bruno tells Marlene, referring to a runner, “Idiot.”
”What an idiot.” (1:06)

Marlene drinks wine with Jesus.
Jesus tells Marlene: “I forgot you were insane... You’re the suicide king.” (1:08)

Marlene tells Jesus, “This is nuts, this crazy wire.” (1:12)

Marlene tells Jesus, “You drugged me...”
Jesus: “This is an intervention for you... You’re an addict, and you don’t even know it. You’re addicted to New York City...” (1:19)

Jesus returns wearing a dress. (1:23)

One deer hunter tells another, “Insane.” (1:23)

Marlene reads a letter: “... My patient Jesus... has disappeared (1:28)

The real Dr. Goldstein tells Marlene, referring to Jesus, “... treating patients under my name.”
”I’m not only a therapist, but I’m a dentist as well. It’s a new combination of things: dentistry and psychological work.” (1:29)