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Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep, Anne Byrne
F Scott Fitzgerald | Zelda Fitzgerald | Sigmund Freud | Adolf Hitler | Eva Braun | Carl Jung | Woody Allen | Vincent van Gogh | Virginia Woolf | diazepam | Valium | lysergic acid diethylamide | methaqualone | oxycodone | Percodan
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Writer Isaac, narrating: “To him it was a metaphor for the decay of contemporary culture... To him it was a metaphor for the decay of contemporary culture. How hard it was to exist in a society desensitized by drugs...” (0:01)

Isaac’s college professor friend Yale tells the others,“I think the essence of art is to provide a kind of working through situation.”
Yale’s wife Emily: “He’s drunk.”
Yale: “You’re drunk.”
Isaac: “It’s really depressing...” (0:04)

Yale tells Isaac, referring to Mary, “She’s very... nervous, high strung...” (0:07)

Yale tells Emily, “Very Freudian.” (0:09)

Isaac asks his writer ex-wife Jill, referring to their son Willie, “Does he wear dresses?”
”He doesn’t wear dresses.”
Isaac: “Of the two of us I was not the immoral psychotic promiscuous one.” (0:10)

Yale’s writer friend Mary: “Isak Dinesen and Carl Jung...”
”How about Vincent van Gogh?”
”Don’t you guys see that it is the dignifying of one’s own psychological... hangups by attaching them to these grandiose philosophical issues?” (0:15)

Tracy describes Mary to Isaac as “Real nervous.”
Isaac: “Nervous?”
”Where the hell does that little Radcliff tootsie come off rating Scott Fitzgerald...”
”Van Gogh... van Gogh...”
”You were brought up on drugs...” (0:17)

Talk show host: “Except for the fact that Ms. Payne-Whitney Smith is a catatonic...”
Man: ”Well, we don’t consider her a catatonic.” (0:18)

The talk show director asks Isaac, “You don’t find this insightful?”
Isaac: ”It’s worse than not insightful.”
”All you guys do is drop ludes then take Percodans... open a pharmaceutical house.” (0:19)

Isaac tells the others, referring to quitting his job, “Yeah, a real self-destructive impulse.” (0:22)

Mary tells Isaac, “They made some studies I read in one of the psychoanalytic quarterlies.”
”I mean Donny my analyst...”
Isaac: “You call your analyst Donny?”
”Your analyst?”
”... and now I’m very, very nervous about it.”
”If I don’t get at least 16 hours I’m a basket case.” (0:26)

Mary tells Yale, “It’s crazy. It’s crazy.” (0:31)

Isaac tells Jill, “My analyst warned me, but you were so beautiful... I got another analyst.” (0:33)

By telephone Mary tells Isaac, “I’m going stir crazy here...” (0:36)

Mary tells Isaac, referring to her ex-husband, “I was so crazy about him.” (0:38)

Yale tells Emily, referring to his friend David, “He wants me to review the new book on Virginia Woolf.”
Emily: “You seem sort of nervous.” (0:40)

Tracy tells Isaac, “You’re really crazy.” (0:43)

Mary tells Yale, “This is crazy.”
”It’s my analyst.” (0:44)

Isaac asks Tracy, “Am I crazy?”
Tracy: ”You’re crazy.” (0:47)

Mary asks Yale, “What do you think I’m gonna do, hang myself?” (0:49)

Isaac tells Mary, “I don’t think you should take those Valium, you know...”
Mary: ”No, half a Valium?”
”Don’t psychoanalyze me.”
Isaac: ”You don’t get suspicious when your analyst calls you up at three in the morning...?”
”Your self-esteem is like a notch below Kafka’s...” (0:50)

Isaac tells Yale, “You’re crazy.” (0:54)

Theater marquis: Inagaki’s “Chûshingura
Dovzhenko’s “Earth” (0:55)

Isaac tells Mary, “I had a mad impulse... commit acts of interstellar perversion with you.”
”Are you still hung up on Yale?” (0:56)

Isaac tells Mary, referring to his first wife, “She got into drugs...” (0:57)

Isaac tells Mary, “Of course, I’m drunk.”
”I was just thinking there must be something wrong with me, because I’ve never had a relationship with a woman that’s lasted longer than the one between Hitler and Eva Braun.”
Mary: “I think you’re still drunk.” (0:58)

Mary tells Isaac, “I guess I’m a little nervous around you.”
Isaac: “So crazy.” (1:04)

Isaac tells Yale, “It’s so crazy... it’s crazy.” (1:06)

Isaac tells Mary, “It’s like another contemporary American phenomenon that’s truly moronic.” (1:09)

Mary reads from Jills book about Isaac: “He was given to fits of rage, Jewish liberal paranoia... nihilistic moods of despair... mere narcissism.” (1:13)

Isaac asks Jill, “You think I’m narcissistic?”
Jill: ”Don’t you think you’re a little self-obsessed?”
“You cry when you see Gone with the Wind.”
”Well, what would Freud say?”
Isaac: “Freud would say I really wanted to run her over.” (1:13)

Mary tells Isaac, referring to Yale, “Well... he called me several time in a very depressed and confused state...”
Isaac: “I have a tendency to internalize.”
”So what does your analyst say?”
Mary: “Donny’s in a coma. He had a very bad acid experience.”
Isaac: “I know that sound egotistical... he’ll go crazy...”
”You know, I knew you were crazy...” (1:16) 

Isaac asks Yale, “You’re gonna leave Emily and run away with the winner of the Zelda Fitzgerald emotional maturity award?”

“What kind of a crazy friend are you?”
”You rationalize everything.” (1:19)

Isaac dictates: “An idea for a short story about people in Manhattan who are constantly creating these real unnecessary neurotic problems for themselves...” (1:24)

Reference in Together Together