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Manhattan Merry-Go-Round

CastPhil Regan, Leo Carrillo, Ann Dvorak
Year released1937
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Manager Mr. Thorne asks receptionist Ann Rogers, referring to singer Jerry Hart, "Say, are you in love with that egotistical pup?"
Ann: “... I think it’s very bad business to allow personalities to interfere with so valuable an asset as Mr. Hart.” (0:06)

The nightclub manager tells Jerry, "Peddle your personality up there..." (0:10)

Program director: "Now don’t worry, Mr. Spadoni..." (0:23)

Spadonit tells Joe DiMaggio, "Don’t get nervous..." (0:23)

His mother tells business owner Tony Gordoni, "... only crazy music..." (0:32)

Gordoni tells his henchmen, "Crazy people..."
”You crazy...” (0:35)

Gordoni tells Ann, referring to Jerry, "They say when he sing, the women go crazy for him..." (0:37)

Jerry tells Gordoni’s henchman Danny the Duck, "... don’t worry about it..."
Danny renders Jerry unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:53)

Danny tells Gordoni, referring to Jerry, "I just had to crack him on the bean..." (0:54)

Gordoni tells Ann, "Well, you don’t have to go into hysterics..." (1:08)

Opera singer Madame “Charlie” Charlizzini: "And Martinetti, he’ll go crazy..." (1:08)

Impresario Martinetti: "Oh, I’ll getta the stroke..." (1:10)

Jerry tells the police, “... if you think this is a kidnapping, you’re crazy." (1:14)

Gordoni: "Everybody around here going into hysterics." (1:17)

Danny tells Gene Autry, "... but don’t worry..." (1:18)

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