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Maniac Cop

Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins, Laurene Landon, Richard Roundtree
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Police Commissioner Pike tells Detective Lieutenant Frank McCrae, “It seems that you automatically assumed that it was a police officer instead of some lunatic son-of-a-bitch dressed like a cop.”
McCrae, “I’d like to have the police psychologist do a rundown on cops that have been under mental disturbance, attempted suicide, under extreme emotional stress.”
Pike: “When was the last time you had a mental test?”
”As a matter of fact, didn’t you try to shoot yourself a couple of years back?” (0:11)

Journalist Gina Sheperd asks McCrae, “Who’s he killing, pushers, hustlers?”
“Jesus, maniac cop?” (0:16)

Gina reports on the air, “How can the public defend themselves if they’re unaware that one of New York’s finest may indeed be a psychopath... ?” (0:17)

Pike: “She thought he was the... maniac.”
Lawyer tells police captain Ripley “This nut must be caught.” (0:18)

Newspaper headline: “MANIAC COP CLAIMS FOURTH VICTIM” (0:19, 0:29)

Police officer Jack Forrest tells his wife Ellen, “Look, you’re the one that dropped out of the therapy.”
”Now why couldn’t you say that to the therapist.”
Ellen: “They say that can be depressing to a person... too much sleep.” (0:20)

His lawyer tells Forrest he might claim “Blackouts: momentary lapses of memory.”
Forrest: “I’m not crazy.”
Lawyer: “You were seeing a therapist...”
”... a marriage counselor.” (0:31)

Woman on the street interviewed on television: “Nobody gives no crap to the cops no more since this crazy cop come along.” (0:32)

Ripley tells McCrae, “... this guy made it look like a psychopath was at work.”
McCrae: “Jack’s been setup to take the heat off the real psycho.” (0:32)

Forrester’s lover Officer Theresa Mallory tells McCrae, “You’re trying to get me drunk.” (0:38)

McCrae tells administrative officer Noland that Mallory “Ran into a psycho.” (0:41)

Noland: “I knew you had anger in you, Matt, but I thought it would be the dealers and the junkies and all the human garbage...” (0:45)

Officer Clancy tells McCrae, referring to police officer Matthew Cordell, “Right after he was convicted, the poor soul threw herself out of a window trying to kill herself.” (0:49)

McCrae see the words “MANIAC COP” on a computer screen. (0:55)

Television reporter: “Public outrage over the continued killings by the so-called maniac cop have brought many hostile New Yorkers to New York’s Fifth Avenue today.” (1:06)

Ripley asks Mallory, “Did you come up with this lunatic idea by yourself, or are you on drugs?”
Voicemail from McCrae: ”I’ve got solid evidence this homicidal maniac is getting information from inside the department.” (1:08)