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Margot at the Wedding

Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Black, John Turturro, Ciarán Hinds, Zane Pais, Flora Cross, Halley Feiffer, Barbara Turner, Michael Medeiros
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Musician Malcolm tells the others, “I can’t remember names anymore.”
Writer Margot: “Toby, I think you need to have Bruce diagnosed.”
”But that’s how autism works.” (0:10)

Her husband Jim tells Margot by telephone, referring to her teacher sister Pauline, “You haven’t spoken to her in years.”
Referring to Malcolm, “He’s exactly what you’d imagine except I think he’s clinically depressed.” (0:11)

Margot tells her son Claude, “She is crazy though.”
”She’s really berserk. Maybe it’s the hormone.”
”I think on some level she’s ambivalent about the marriage.”
Claude: “Are you stoned, Mom?” (0:13)

Malcolm tells Margot’s sister Pauline, “Margot doesn’t seem as crazy as you made her out to be.”
Pauline: “What she did to Alan and Toby tonight didn’t seem crazy enough for you?”
Malcolm: “I guess that seemed pretty crazy.”
Pauline: “She thinks everyone is autistic.”
”Well, can’t she... care deeply and be crazy?” (0:14)

Margot tells Pauline, referring to their sister Becky, “She’s still obese, I assume.” (0:22)

Claude tells Pauline’s daughter Ingrid, “No, she said he has Asperger’s. It’s like lesser retarded.”
Ingrid: “I have adult A.D.D.
Claude: “You mean child A.D.D.”
Ingrid: “Maybe I’m retarded.” (0:22)

Margot tells Pauline, “That is child abuse.”
Claude: ”Mom, she was psychotic.” (0:23)

Ingrid tells Maisy and Claude, referring to Bruce: “He’s gay and Asperger’s.” (0:33)

Margot tells Pauline, “I used to think I had some kind of brain defect.”
Pauline: “You thought you were aphasic.”
”It’s just your diagnoses sometime irk the hell out of me.” (0:34)

Ingrid asks Claude, “Are you obsessed with Maisy?” (0:37)

Malcolm tells Pauline, referring to Margot, “What a... nut job.” (0:40)

Margot tells Claude, referring to Pauline, “Somehow I’m a kook for going to therapy, yet she’s got enough drugs here to medicate an elephant.” (0:41)

Malcolm tells Margot, “I mean, in my family there’s a lot of hand washing.” (0:44)

Malcolm tells Pauline, referring to Margot, “She’s such a... idiot.”
Pauline: ”She’s not an idiot.”
Malcolm: “She’s an idiot. You’re an idiot.”
”You’re both... morons.”
“I have the emotional version of whatever bad feng shui would be.”
”... I’m not acting like a crazy person.” (0:46)

Margot, referring to a father character in her novel, “I always saw him as someone who so over-identifies with everyone around him that... he begins to lose all sense of himself.”
Referring to the repairman: “I think he was retarded.” (0:59)

Margot tells Pauline, referring to Malcolm, “I mean, he’s done an insane thing.”
”It’s pedophilia.”
Pauline: “Becky says you have borderline personality disorder.” (1:12)

Malcolm tells Pauline by telephone, “I’m such a... idiot.” (1:21)

Margot tells Claude, “It’s really berserk.” (1:23)

How do Margot and Pauline use family secrets?
Can you identify other kinds of family emotional process?