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Marjorie Prime

Jon Hamm, Geena Davis, Tim Robbins, Lois Smith, Stephanie Andujar, Azumi Tsutsui, Hannah Gross
Cordidiol | Restivan
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Walter Prime tells Marjorie, "But one time we saw My Best Friend’s Wedding."
Marjorie: ”My Best Friend’s Wedding
Walter Prime: ”So Julia Roberts spends the entire movie trying to ruin things between her friend and Cameron Diaz, which isn’t very sympathetic behavior for America's sweetheart.”
Marjorie: ”Why did you pick that story, My Best Friend's Wedding?”
”What if we saw Casablanca instead? Let's say that we saw Casablanca in an old movie theater...”
”Don’t be an idiot.”
Walter Prime: ”Don’t call me an idiot.”
Marjorie: ”Idiot.”
Walter: ”Why do you like me if I'm an idiot?”
Walter Prime, referring to the dogs, ”The more time that passed, the more she became the same dog in their memories.”
Marjorie: ”Or maybe it’s my memory, and you’re right.” (0:03)

Jon tells his wife, Marjorie’s daughter, Tess: "She wakes up, she doesn’t know where she is." (0:13)

Marjorie tells Jon, "And you stopped worrying about impressing me..."
Tess asks Jon, ”Hey, could you check on the Restivan, how much we have?”
”Nine Restivan and six Cordidiol.” (0:16)

Jon tells Walter Prime, "You can see how stressed Tess has been." (0:21)

Tess tells Jon, "... Mrs. Salverson had a stroke last year..."
”Walter’s funeral.”
Jon: ”Memory: sedimentary layers in the brain.”
”... memory is not like a well that you dip into, or a filing cabinet.” (0:25)

Jon tells Marjorie, "Tess thinks Dr. Ross is overdoing it with the sedatives..." (0:30)

Marjorie tells Tess, referring to Julie, "She said it was a comfort to her when she lost her father." (0:38)

Jon tells Walter Prime, referring to Damien, "This wouldn’t have been long after your son died."
”He did it himself.”
”They should... work out a setting that approximates graduated layers of inebriation.”
”I’m not drunk... I’m tipsy... There are degrees: tipsy, tipped, smashed.” (0:40)

Julie tells Tess, referring to Marjorie, "Yesterday she didn’t know who I was." (0:45)

Marjorie Prime tells Tess, "Try to be patient with me."
Tess, referring to Tess’s daughter: ”Raina doesn’t talk to me. Her therapist said it would be better for now.”
Marjorie: ”She’ll work through it.”
Tess: "Jon wants me to see a therapist.” (0:55)

Tess reads a letter to Jon, “... but these perceptions are overridden by my knowledge of who you were...”
”I know if you allow me to visit, I will see you with my memory as well as my eyes.” (1:06)

Jon tells Tess Prime, "Since you died."
”You worry about not succeeding. You worry a lot, and then you worry that your worrying is wearing me down...”
”You were in the tree... you had used some tent cord.” (1:16)

Walter Prime: "... they were playing Casablanca."
Walter Prime, referring to Damien: ”We sometimes worried about him... After he died, you made sure he was buried next to Toni...” (1:29)