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Marriage Story (2019)

Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Laura Dern, Alan Alda, Ray Liotta, Azhy Robertson, Julie Hagerty, Merritt Wever, Wallace Shawn
cocaine | marijuana
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Actor Charlie, referring to his actor wife Nicole: "My crazy ideas are her favorite things to figure out how to execute." (0:03)

Nicole, referring to Charlie: "Charlie takes all of my moods steadily." (0:05)

Their son Henry tells Nicole, "When Daddy gets here, maybe we could all go on the Jaws ride..." (0:17)

Nicole tells Carol, "Maybe that sounds crazy."
”Okay, is it a therapist? Because I have a therapist. Well, it's my mom's therapist.” (0:20)

Nicole's lawyer Nora Fanshaw tells Nicole, "I have a kid from my ex, who is a narcissistic artist..."
”I just worry because we weren't going to use lawyers...”
”... the dead part wasn't dead, it was just in a coma.” (0:23)

Her sister Cassie tells Nicole, "I just got nervous."
”Sorry, sorry, I'm nervous.” (0:33)

Nicole tells Charlie, referring to Henry defecating, "... he holds it in..." (0:37)

Charlie tells Nicole, "Stressful time."
Nicole: ”Now that I'm a parent, I realize my parents were probably drunk all the time with me.” (0:43)

Charlie's first lawyer Jay Marotta asks Charlie, "Does your wife do drugs or anything? Coke?"
Charlie: ”She was addicted to Tums for a while.”
Marotta: ”Listen, if we start from a place of reasonable, and they start from a place of crazy, when we settle, we'll be somewhere between reasonable and crazy.”
Marotta’s partner Ted: ”Which is still crazy.”
Marotta: ”Half of crazy is crazy.” (0:47)

Actor: "Okay, I'm confused." (0:50)

By telephone, Nora tells Charlie, "... and it means we'll claim full custody of your child." (0:52)

Charlie tells Nicole, referring to Nora, "She said you'd take everything and custody... if I didn't respond." (0:54)

By telephone, Charlie tells Sandra: "If I don't respond by tomorrow, she said I could lose custody." (0:58)

Lawyer Bert Spitz tells Charlie, "It'll just cost you more in... emotional stress..."
”It looks better for custody reasons.” (1:00)

Spitz tells Charlie dialogue from a joke: "Are you crazy?" (1:21)

Marotta, now representing Charlie: "Nora, I like how you refer to Charlie’s theater... when you're arguing custody..." (1:28)

Charlie tells Nicole, "Yeah, I've been distracted."
Nicole: ”I feel like if anybody observes me on any given day as a mom, I never get custody.”
”Jay called me an alcoholic.”
”You gaslighted me.”
Charlie: ”You're... insane.”
”You’re so merged with your own selfishness you don't even identify it as selfishness anymore.” (1:32)

In Nora’s office, a woman asks Nicole, "Do you use drugs or alcohol?"
Nicole: ”I have done drugs in college.”
Pot a few times, coke once at a party.”
Nora tells Nicole, ”Before that fathers were expected to be... selfish.” (1:43)

Nora tells Nicole, "And, whenever Charlie is in LA I got the custody breakdown to be 55:45." (1:59)

Charlie tells his friends, "This is all so self-pitying and boring." (2:00)

Nicole tells Charlie, "Now I know what you were so obsessed with all the time." (2:05)

Henry reads Nicole’s description of Charlie: "Charlie takes all of my moods steadily." (2:08)