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Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair, Esther Minciotti, Augusta Ciolli, Joe Mantell, Karen Steele, Jerry Paris, James Bell, Charles Cane, Minerva Urecal
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Butcher Marty tells his friend Angie, "Everybody drives me crazy."
”My mother, she drives me crazy.” (0:06)

Marty’s Aunt Catherine's daughter-in-law Virgina tells Marty’s mother Theresa, referring to Catherine, "... she got me so nervous, I spilled the milk I was making for the baby."
”... I said, ‘Joe, she’s driving me crazy...’”
Tommy: ”Oh, don’t worry..., Aunt Theresa.” (0:08)

Catherine tells Theresa, referring to her cousin, "His mother die."
”... old Irishman, always drunk... Yesterday, he die.”
Theresa: ”When my poor husband die, I would be crazy if not for you.” (0:32)

Marty tells Clara, "Oh, don’t worry about your sister."
”... my old man died, so I had to go to work... Old man died December, 1937. Two o’clock in the morning he died... he said, ‘Marty, your father died.’ My father died right in the middle of playing cards... He used to faint a lot...’ I must be driving you crazy... You’d think I was loaded.” (0:37)

Marty tells Clara, "My poor mother used to be so worried about me... I used to think of doing away with myself."
”... even to think about suicide is a terrible sin.”
”... of course you gotta worry about the supermarkets.”
Clara: ”You’re an intelligent, decent, sensitive man.” (0:43)

Tommy tells Theresa, "Ah, my mother drives me crazy." (1:11)

His friend Ralph tells Marty, referring to a woman, "... she got loaded drunk... These crazy girls are running around drunk... we’re trying to get this crazy girl out through the window. This crazy girl, she even left her shoes up there" (1:19)

Marty asks the other guys, "What am I, crazy or something?" (1:27)