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Marvin's Room

Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, Hume Cronyn, Gwen Verdon, Hal Scardino, Dan Hedaya, Margo Martindale, Cynthia Nixon
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Hairdresser Lee tells her client, "There is no reason to be putting your hands in your hair all the time unless you're a very nervous person, and there's no reason to be nervous ever, as long as you have a good positive mental attitude." (0:07)

Aunt Ruth asks Bessie, referring to Bessie's father Marvin, "What if he tries to kill himself with his Parcheesi men?" (0:11)

Dr. Charlotte Samit tells Bessie's sister Lee, "I'm a psychiatrist."
Referring to Lee's son Hank: "I'm in charge of his therapy."
Lee: "He told his guidance counselor at school that I beat him."
Samit: "We'd like for you to become more involved in Hank's therapy." (0:14)

Hank restrained in his hospital bed. (0:17)

Dr. Wally Carter tells Bessie, "There's no reason to be nervous."
Bessie: "I'm not nervous. (0:18)

Nun: "I just had it done last week, and it's driving me crazy." (0:21)

Hank tells Lee, referring to the hospital staff, "Well, they're not strapping me down anymore."(0:23)

Ruth tells Bessie, referring to Marvin, "I think he thinks he's hallucinating."
Bessie: "He must think he's losing his mind."
Ruth: "Then he'd really think he was losing his mind." (0:27)

Lee and Bessie reconnect after 20 years. (0:30)

Bessie asks Lee, "Couldn't you get Hank out of the mental institution?"
Lee: "Bessie, we don't like to call it the mental institution."
"We call it the nut house or the loony bin..." (0:34)

Ruth: "Now which of you handsome boys is in a mental institution?" (0:36)

Bessie tells Hank, referring to Hank's father, "Well, I know your mom was nuts about him." (0:49)

Dr. Wally tells Lee, "Sometimes patients become bedridden, totally dependent, hopelessly depressed." (0:53)

Dr. Wally's brother and assistant Bob asks Hank, "Are you currently on lithium?"
"It's a great drug, isn't it?" (1:00)

Bessie asks Hank, "Nervous?" (1:00)

Hank tells Bessie, "You know, there's a lot of drugs that float around in there." (1:03)

Bessie tells Lee about the loss of her boyfriend Clarence. (1:10)

Bessie tells Lee, "I fainted."
Referring to Goofy: "He just thought you fainted, so he carried you in here." (1:20)