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Mary Had a Little...

CastAgnès Laurent, Hazel Court, Jack Watling
Year released1961
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Impresario Scott Raymond tells his secretary Angie, "Yeah, this way I get a hangover and get rid of it..." (0:04)

Dr. Liversidge tells psychiatrist Dr. Malcolm Nettel, "Well, I can understand a psychiatrist having such a theory..."
Nettel: ”I’ll show you that I can produce a perfect baby through hypnotism.”
Their club mate Pottle: ”Hypnotism?...”
Nettel: ”I believe that hypnotic treatments can alter the physical appearance... of the unborn child...”
”I’m only interested in the mental and cultural achievements.” (0:05)

Angie asks Scott, "What have you been drinking, Benzedrine on the rocks?"
”You don’t think you need a doctor or a psychiatrist?”
Scott: ”... I shall have 5000 Pounds of the psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist will need a psychiatrist.” (0:09)

Scott tells actress Mary Kirk, "A friend of mine, Dr. Malcolm Nettel, a psychiatrist, has bet me... that he can produce a super baby through the use of hypnotism..."
”Dr. Nettel is a psychiatrist. I’ll see that you have all the necessary medical papers... to prove that you are pregnant.”
Mary pretends to faint. (0:13)

Her soccer player boyfriend Burly Shavely tells Mary, "You can marry me instead of trying to be an actress and exposing your personality in a theater." (0:18)

Certificate at Nettel’s office: "PSYCHOLOGY"
In the waiting room, one woman asks another, ”Have you ever been to a psychiatrist before?”
Woman: ”Do you think you’ll make a good hypnotic subject?”
Woman: ”I must have been hypnotized to get this way so often.” (0:18)

Nettel tells the Duchess of Addlercomb, "I’m a psychiatrist."
”We’ll get right down to the susceptibility test for hypnotism.”
Nettle begins to hypnotize the Duchess.
”You’re feeling drowsy.”
”The child you carry is physically and mentally perfect.”
Duchess: ”Physically and mentally perfect” (0:19)

Nettel tells the Duchess, "You should have know the truth would come out under hypnosis."
Nettel’s receptionist Esther: ”Don’t worry, doctor...” (0:22)

Nettel tells Mary, "The things I want to know about you are not in your medical history."
”I wish to... transmit the desired emotional and physical stimuli to the child to enable it to be perfect, both physically and mentally.”
”Now I’ve got to test your plasticity as a hypnotic subject.”
Mary: ”Is it absolutely necessary that I be hypnotized?”
”Well, but hypnotism...”
Nettel: ”You’d let a surgeon operate on you if you were fully unconscious... merely on a rapport with me mentally.”
Mary: ”It’s that gentle talk in hypnotism that worries me.”
”Perhaps, you won’t be able to hypnotize me...”
Nettel begins to hypnotize Mary. (0:23)

By telephone, Mary tells Scott, "The doctor thinks I am a perfect subject for hypnosis, and he is going to give me my first treatment..." (0:29)

By telephone, a man tells Scott, "... stop wasting the time of sober people, you idiot." (0:31)

Scott tells Mary, "There’s nothing whatever for you to worry about."
Mary: ”You‘d worry too...”
”I’m susceptible to hypnotism.”
Scott: ”You knew you were going to be hypnotized.”
Mary: ”Yes, but I did not know that hypnotism can make you tell the truth.”
Scott: ”... maybe he won’t be able to hypnotize you.” (0:36)

Nettel tells Mary, "Now, I think we should get on with the hypnosis."
”You are nervous, aren’t you?”
”Because of the sedative I gave you.”
Mary: ”Sedative?”
Nettel: ”It was in your coffee...”
Mary: ”But I don’t like sedatives...”
Nettel: ”... you’ll have the only child to be born with a nervous breakdown.”
Mary: ”But you had no right to give me the sedative...”
Nettel: ”Now let’s get on with the hypnosis.”
Nettel starts to hypnotize mary.
”I want you to have every confidence in me...”
”... you will see with your psychic eye...”
”Now “m going to give you a post-hypnotic suggestion... during our months of treatment, you will immediately be hypnotized whenever I snap my fingers twice...”
”And now I’m going to plant the first subconscious suggestion.”
”Well, I think that’s about enough for the first treatment.”
"Being hypnotized."
Mary: ”I’m sure I have not been hypnotized.”
Nettel: ”Well, that is what is known as a post-hypnotic suggestion... you’ll be hypnotized.”
”You can’t hypnotize yourself.”
Mary: ”Are there any other things that could bring me out of hypnosis?”
Nettel: ”Well, yes, a bad blow, perhaps, or some kind of shock.”
Mary: “... you must have a lot of patients waiting for you.”
”Next time I’m sure I won’t be so nervous.” (0:43)

Mary tells Scott, "I think you were hypnotized when I was." (0:47)

Commentator, referring to Burly, "He seems to have no concentration at all." (0:48)

Burly asks coach Grimmick, “Could you kick a pregnant woman in the face?”
A reporter tells Grimmick, referring to Burly, "He seems to be in a state of shock." (0:49)

Radio reporter: "The entire London Medical profession is quite agog..." (0:53)

When a waiter snaps his fingers, Mary goes into trance, twice. (0:58)

Nettel tells Scott, "I’ve been ridiculed by the entire medical profession..." (1:00)

Mary dreams of Shakespeare. (1:01)

Mary: "... if I can only get enough courage." (1:04)

Nettel tells Scott’s actor fiance Laurel Clive, "... If you need the help of a psychiatrist..."
Laurel: ”... you many need the psychiatrist...”
Nettel: ”... you do need a psychiatrist.”
”Mary Endicott has the proper medical papers attesting to the legality of her unborn child.”
”Maybe I do need a psychiatrist.” (1:05)

Scott tells Mary, who appears intoxicated, "Drunk?"
Scott: ”Mary, I’m shocked at you... Have you no self-respect, no pride?”
”Mary, you’re drunk...” (1:06)

Scott tells Laurel, "Well, you have a habit of popping in at such peculiar times." (1:08)

Laurel, referring to Mary: "She’s drunk."
Nettel asks Scott, ”Will you kindly tell Mrs. Endicott, when Mrs. Endicott sobers up, that I have no further need of her.” (1:12)

Laurel tells Burly, "You’re mad..." (1:15)

Burly, referring to Nettel: "The headshrinker." (1:17)

Laurel tells the police sergeant, "I’m going to have a nervous breakdown." (1:19)

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