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Fabian, Diane McBain, Kevin Coughlin, Michael Margotta, Patty McCormack, Russ Bender, Teri Garr, Garry Marshall, Carl Gottlieb
4-Methyl-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine | marijuana | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | cocaine | tobacco | ethyl alcohol | hashish
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Driving recklessly, apparently under the influence of marijuana, a car hits a pedestrian and careens over a cliff. (0:00)

A police officer picks up a smoldering joint. (0:02)

Funeral in a cemetery. (0:02)

Police chief Otis tells Mayor Ford, "I went through a whole hysterical scene with the father..." (0:04)

Drug dealer Jordan shares a joint with Susan. Other kids share joints. (0:15)

Jordan offers student Jerry a joint. (0:17)

Art teacher Phil asks Jerry, "You been smoking pot?" (0:20)

Principle Maynard tells the others,"I'm sure you're aware of the growing problem... marijuana."
Harry: "I can tell when a kid's on dope."
Mayor: "Marijuana is not dope."
Teacher: "Sort of like they're drunk?"
Otis: "First it's marijuana, then its LSD and STP, then it's heroin and cocaine."
Teacher: "You're saying that marijuana leads to the hard stuff?"
Otis: "Statistics show that every hard core addict started with marijuana."
Football coach Harry: "Where would a 12 year old get marijuana?"
Phil: "I've read about marijuana. It does less damage than cigarettes or alcohol."
Otis: "He turns out to be a dope fiend himself."
Phil: "Dope fiend?"
Ford: "Why in hell did you admit that you smoked marijuana?" (0:22)

Phil tells teacher Ellie, "They're concerned about this marijuana business." (0:33)

Jordan pours marijuana out of boxes, rolls a joint, places it between Jerry's lips. (0:34)

Jordan tells the Bay City boys, "Acapulco gold."
Bay City boy: "You stoned?" (0:42)

A teacher identifies the plant as "Cannabis sativa."
Maynard: "Marijuana."
Another teacher: "Marijuana?" (0:46)

Jordan sells joints. (0:51)

Kids smoke joints. Susan smokes a joint then shares it with Jordan. They appear intoxicated. (0:53)

Otis waves at Phil: "A package of pot."
"Paranoia. " (0:58)

A prisoner in jail asks Phil, "Got any pot?" (1:02)

A prisoner has hanged himself. (1:03)

An officer of the court proclaims Phil's charge: "Posession of marijuana." (1:04)

Phil tells Otis, "You get a pothead like me..." (1:06)

Phil: "Where'd you get the marijuana, Jerry."
Jerry: "I don't know anything about the marijuana..."
Phil: "The marijuana Jerry." (1:09)

Jordan gets marijuana from his supplier then spills it on the street in front of Phil. (1:11)

Kids share a joint. Jordan fills a pipe. (1:16)

Jerry asks the others, "What am I smoking this time?"
Another kid tells him, "Hashish." (1:18)

Jordan hands Jerry a joint: "If you get lonely, it's Acapulco gold." (1:20)

Otis tells Phil he wants that "Carton of marijuana that you've got hidden away somewhere."
Phil: "I don't have any marijuana." (1:22)

Phil finds marijuana hidden in a basket belonging to Ellie. She says, "Once upon a time a sweet little girl became a junkie." (1:26)

A Bay City boy finds Jerry's joint. (1:29)

Jordan tells Phil, referring to Elli, "She's a pusher."
Phil: "You smoke pot, you push it." (1:30)