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Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould, Tom Skerritt, Sally Kellerman, Robert Duvall, Roger Bowen, Rene Auberjonois, David Arkin, Jo Ann Pflug, Gary Burghoff, Fred Williamson, Michael Murphy
epinephrine | amphetamine | marijuana
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Surgeon Hawkeye asks surgeon Duke, “You ever catch this syndrome before...? (0:15)

Surgeon Frank: “Boone, get me a cc of adrenaline in a cardiac needle.” (0:27)

Public address announcement: “Cpl. Judson has informed the colonel’s office that three cases of amphetamine sulphate are unaccounted for again.” (0:39)

Someone says, “Don’t get nervous Radar.” (0:40)

Surgeon Trapper John tells Hawkeye, referring to nurse Hot Lips, “I think she’s going to have a nervous breakdown.” (0:46)

Hawkeye: “Frank Burns has gone nuts.”
Trapper John: “That man is a sex maniac.” (0:48)

Soldiers load Frank, wearing a straight jacket, into a jeep. (0:49)

Public address announcement: “The American Medical Association has just declared marijuana a dangerous drug.” (0:51)

Dentist “Painless” tells Hawkeye, “Look, if a man isn’t a man anymore, what’s he got left that, uh -- that he should be living for?”
“I failed.”
“I’m a fairy, a victim of latent homosexuality.” (0:53)

Hawkey tells the others, referring to Painless, “It’s an obsession and is a viable force.”
Painless: “Well I came over to tell you that I’ve decided that I’m going to commit suicide.” (0:56)

Father John tells Hawkeye, “You see, I cannot give absolution to a man who is about to commit suicide.”
Hawkeye: “Look, Dago, he is not committing suicide. He is only intending to commit suicide, so you’re not dealing with an act... If what we’re doing works, then he will not commit suicide.” (0:57)

Painless, sitting in his coffin, washes down the “black capsule” he believes will kill him. (1:00)

Hawkeye tells nurse "Dish," “Painless has a grave psychological problem...” (1:04)

Nurse "Hot Lips" tells surgeon and commanding officer Henry, “This isn’t a hospital. It’s an insane asylum.” (1:13)

Soldiers playing football share a joint. (1:47)

A football player tokes up. (1:50)