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The Master

Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Ambyr Childers, Rami Malek, Jesse Plemons, Kevin J. O'Connor, Christopher Evan Welch, Madisen Beaty
Philip Seymour Hoffman
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A speaker tells a group of veterans, “If the average civilian had been through the same stresses that you have been through, undoubtedly they too would have developed the same nervous conditions.” (0:06)

A military psychologist administers the Rorschach inkblot test to Freddie. (0:06)

A military psychologist tells Freddie, “You’ve had episodes of enuresis.”
”You say you saw a vision of your mother.”
”This will help in your treatment.”
Freddie: “You can’t help in my treatement.” (0:07)

Freddie tells Lancaster, “Loony bin...”
”Loony bin.”
Lancaster, referring to Freddie’s mother: “Is she psychotic?”
Freddie: “I was drunk, and she looked good.”
”I’m an idiot.”

Dodd: “As you all may recall, during the trauma that you went through while we were processing...”
”... if you bring someone out of a traumatic event...”
Guest John: “Some of this sounds like hypnosis, is it not?”
Dodd: “This is a process of de-hypnotization, if you will.”
John: “Well, I find it quite difficult to comprehend, and/or, more to the point, believe, that you believe, sir, that time travel hypnosis therapy can bring world peace and cure cancer.” (0:56)

Speaker Helen: “Now memory filters all of that out...” (1:06)

Dodd’s wife Peggy, tells Freddie, “You can’t stay with us anymore unless you quit boozing.”
”Tell me that you will quit boozing.”
”I’ll quit boozing.”
”I’ll quit boozing.”
”I’ll quit boozing.”
”I’ll quit boozing.” (1:12)

Dodd tells Freddie, “You’re a... drunk.” (1:19)

His daughter Elizabeth tells Dodd, referring to Freddie, “He makes me nervous.”
Peggy: “He’s a drunk, and he’s dangerous.”
”Perhaps he’s past help, or insane.” (1:21)

Clark asks Freddie, “Are you drunk, dummy?” (1:31)

Freddie exhorts passersby, “Please come get insight on how to be freer, more productive, and more in command of your life.”
Clark: “Free yourself from past trauma.”
“Free yourself from past traumas.”
Freddie: “Free yourself from past trauma. Free yourself from past trauma.” (1:38)

Helen asks Dodd, “If our previous method was to induce memory by asking, ‘Can you recall?,’ doesn’t it then change everything if now we say, ‘Can you imagine?’” (1:46)

Dodd, by telephone: “Freddie, I have a matter of such urgency, a matter that only you can help me with, that may, in fact, cure the insane once and for all.” (1:57)

Peggy asks Freddie, “Are you drunk?”
”You can’t take this life straight, can you?” (2:01)

Winn tells Freddie, “You’re drunk.” (2:09)