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Match Point

CastScarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emily Mortimer, Matthew Goode, Brian Cox, Penelope Wilton, James Nesbitt, Steve Pemberton, Colin Salmon, Zoe Telford
Year released2005
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A club manager tells Tom Hewett, referring to tennis instructor Chris Wilton, "He’s very patient..."
Chris tells Tom, ”Don’t worry.” (0:04)

Chris tells Tom’s sister Chloe, "Don’t be silly..."
Referring to teaching: ”... I’d cut my throat if I thought I’d have to do it forever.” (0:08)

Chris tells Tom’s fiance Nola Rice, "I’m naturally competitive." (0:12)

Tom tells Chris, "But I am crazy about her..." (0:14)

Chloe tells her mother Eleanor, referring to Nola, "She’s an actress; they’re emotional."
Eleanor: ”She’s deluding herself, and she’s moody.” (0:17)

Chloe: "Don't worry..." (0:19)

Chris tells Chloe, referring to the wine, "Now I’m addicted."
”I am in the mood for a film.” (0:24)

Nola tells Chris, "Oh, I’m just having a nervous breakdown...”
”... my confidence level... is now a zero..."
Chris: ”Don’t worry...”
”I used to get really tense...” (0:27)

Nola tells Chris, referring to her sister Linda, "... she’s lost in drugs..."
Referring to her mother: ”Her problem was that she drank.”
”Where was all this confidence when you needed it in the audition?” (0:29)

Tom’s father Alec: "Don’t you worry, Chris." (0:35)

Tom tells Eleanor, referring to Nola, "... you know that’s her Achilles heel, emotionally." (0:37)

Chris tells Nola, "You get... confident." (0:39)

Chris tells Nola, "Stop rationalizing."
Nola: ”I’m not rationalizing.” (0:42)

His friend Henry tells Chris, "I’m still... deluding myself." (0:43)

Chris asks Chloe, "Did I tell you I’m scared of heights?" (0:47)

Chris tells Chloe, "Sweet dreams." (0:50)

Her friend Carol tells Chloe, "All their neuroses intertwine so perfectly..." (0:51)

Chris asks his assistant, "Tell me Samantha, do you ever feel claustrophobic in here?" (0:52)

Chris tells Nola, "You drive me crazy." (1:00)

Tom tells the others, referring to Nola, "... she’s always... been a lady of the sauce..."
A friend tells Chris: ”You should check for early Alzheimer's.”
Tom: ”Nuts.”
”Nuts.” (1:02)

Chris asks Nola, "Are you in a bad mood?"
Nola: ”Ye, I am in a bad mood.” (1:04)

Chloe’s father Alec tells Chris, "I don’t want you and Chloe to worry..." (1:05)

Chris tells Chloe, "I'm such an idiot." (1:08)

By telephone, Chris asks Chloe, "Are you mad calling me here?"
Chloe: ”I’m going crazy.” (1:09)

Chloe asks Chris, "Are you having an affair?"
Chris: ”Am I having an affair?”
Chloe: ”Having a child should be something that makes us both happy and excited, not a cause of all this tension and anxiety.” (1:12)

Chris tells his friend Henry, "It’s crazy..." (1:14)

Nola tells Chris, "If you're so bored with her and so crazy about me...?" (1:16)

By telephone, Nola tells Chris, "I’m anxious..." (1:19)

Nola tells Chris, "You’re driving me crazy."
”Well this is crazy...” (1:21)

Nola tells Chris, "If you don’t have the nerve to do it, I’ll do it."
Chris: ”... it seems like you’ve had this whole thing checked out by some psychiatrist.”
Nola: ”I wish I had someone to confide in...” (1:25)

Chloe tells Chris, “You were very nervy all through the ballet...”
”I thought you were going to pass out.”
Chris, referring to his medication, "It’s for stress, ‘cause you stress me so much." (1:26)

Nola’s neighbor Mrs. Eastby tells Chris, "I have to take my medicine." (1:31)

Police detective tells a policeman, “... so they shot her, too, either out of panic, or..."
Policeman: ”He’s cleared out the house of all prescription drugs, sir.”
Detective: ”... it’s definitely a drugs-related robbery.” (1:39)

The detective tells Inspector Dowd, “It’s drugs, guv. Someone after money for some drugs.”
Dowd: ”Drugs?”
Detective: ”Yeah, definitely drugs...” (1:40)

Chloe tells Chris, referring to Nola, "She was killed in a... drugs burglary."
Chris: “It says here that there’s been a rise in drug-related crime in the area.” (1:42)

Eleanor tells Chloe, "Your husband looks a little bit shell-shocked." (1:45)

Chris tells Detective Mike Banner, referring to Nola, "... it’s possible that she had that fantasy..."
”I know it’s not the most honorable thing to cheat on your wife...” (1:50)

Banner tells Dowd, "... it’s got drug robbery written all over it." (1:53)

Chris talks to Nola and Mrs. Eastby. (1:56)

Dowd tells Banner, "... not that your dream isn’t of primary interest to a jury."
”A drug addict killed. Looks like a drug sale turned nasty.”
”His motive was... heroin. Junkie with a long string of convictions... You can traumatize me with the rest of your dreams”
”See what tonight’s dream tells you...” (1:59)

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