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May December

CastNatalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Charles Melton
Year released2023
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By telephone, a man tells actor Elizabeth Berry, "... if you’re distracted, I’ll call you later..." (0:03)

Gracie tells Elizabeth, "Don't look so shocked." 
Sofia: ”Oh, don’t worry.” (0:08)

Gracie asks Elizabeth, "So... you think about your history and your behavior?" (0:17)

Gracie tells Elizabeth, "... I don’t have any memory of that..." (0:21)

By telephone, a man tells Elizabeth, "... that’s probably a personality disorder..." (0:24)

Gracie’s first husband Tom tells Elizabeth, "... I was drunk, like, blotto drunk..." 
”... I was shocked, shocked.” 
”What would make a 36-year-old woman have an affair with a seventh grader?...” (0:26)

Joe receives a text: "Just stressful Spend a lot of my day managing my boss’ moods” (0:36)

Joe answers Elizabeth, "No worries." (0:41)

Gracie’s lawyer answers Elizabeth, quoting Gracie: "I got caught having an affair." 
Elizabeth: ”So she was in denial...?”
Gracie’s son Georgie tells Elizabeth, ”... tell me how selfish I am.” 
Elizabeth: ”I’ve heard you’re... sweet.” 
Man, off camera: ”Don’t worry.” (0:43)

His father tells Joe, "You’re gonna have more time to focus on other things." (0:49)

Elizabeth answers student Cameron, "The only thing you can focus on is where and when..." (0:51)

Elizabeth tells Gracie that her parents told her, "Honey, you’re so much smarter than that." 
Gracie: ”Are you smarter than that?” (0:56)

Joe tells Elizabeth, "My dad was always so focused on his work. My mom passed away when I was twenty..." (1:02)

Gracie tells Joe, referring to Elizabeth, "She’s getting on my last nerve." (1:04)

By telephone, Elizabeth tells the director, "... he’s got this, like, quiet confidence..." (1:07)

Joe asks his son Charlie, "Are you nervous?" 
Charlie lights a marijuana cigarette. He tells Joe, “Dad, that’s crazy.”
Charlie shares it with Joe. (1:10)

Charlie tells Joe, "Don’t worry about me." (1:17)

Georgie tells Elizabeth, referring to Gracie’s experience, "Childhood trauma." 
He implies that her older brothers sexually abused Gracie. (1:22)

Joe tells Elizabeth, "That was crazy." 
Elizabeth: ”Severely traumatic beginnings.” (1:29)

Gracie tells Joe, ”I’ve been very sympathetic.”
Joe: "You have not been sympathetic..." (1:35)

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